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Jerhron Clemons retires from Marianna Recreation

Jerhron Clemons retires from Marianna Recreation

For those who have lived in Jackson County in the last four decades, played watched, or coached any sport at Optimist Park or through the Marianna Recreation Department, you know Jerhron Clemons.  His presence is almost iconic, it’s as if those the fields and courts couldn’t have players on them if Clemons wasn’t present. For 32 years, Clemons has been a fixture at any Marianna Recreation event.  He can be seen on the field umpiring, refereeing, working the fields between games, just about anything one can imagine.  

Jerhron has performed his last official duty for the Marianna Recreation Department.  Rest assured, you will still see him present but in an unofficial capacity.  All who know Jerhron, know that he can’t give up cold turkey what he has eaten, lived, and breathed for the past four decades.  

For those who coached, umpired, or just interacted with Clemons, one thing is a constant, Jerhron was fair to everyone and what he said he would do, he did.  He was the voice of reason on the field when coaches would argue, lose their temper, and just generally get out of control.  Jerhron was there to bring peace to the situation, no matter how heated.

City Manager Jim Dean said of Clemons, “Jerhron has been long term reliable and dependable member of the City of Marianna Team, he will be missed.”

Clay Wells has worked with Clemons since he came on board as the Recreation Director said, “Jerhron is one of the toughest, dedicated individuals I have ever worked with.  He truly enjoyed coming to work every day.  Jerhron would do anything asked of him at the MERE or with anything that was involved with our job.  I am really thankful that I had a chance to work with him since arriving in Marianna in 2006.  We have lost a very valuable part of our TEAM at the recreation department.  It will be hard to replace an employee who has been so dedicated for 32 years.”

This writer has had the opportunity to watch Jerhron work in every facet of his job at Optimist Park.  I can say that all of the above truly define the man he is.  It will be hard to imagine walking on the grounds at Optimist Park and Jerhron not there in his official capacity but I have no doubt, he will not be able to stay away, it’s in his blood.  And Jerhron, don’t ever lose sight of the back of the bat!  

Happy Retirement Jerhron from the publisher and staff of the Jackson County Times! 

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