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Taquelon Brelove – Making a difference

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Taquelon Brelove Taquelon Brelove Spring Southwell

Taquelon Brelove is a senior at Malone High School. The impact of two people in his life has him now with the fortunate task of deciding where he wants to continue playing basketball after high school.  Brelove is the first to tell you that has not always been the case.

In a very candid interview, Brelove said of his start at Malone, “I was a hot head back then and Coach Welch and I didn’t get along at the time.  Now, we can’t even be pulled apart from each other. I had some stuff to clean up but Coach never gave up on me.”

Brelove has been playing basketball since the eighth grade, five years and all under Steve Welch.  His dominant position is shooting guard but he is quick to tell you he can play anywhere on the court where Welch needs him.

His most memorable game was none other than the state championship game, “We were playing Hamilton and I was a freshman.  We won the state championship.”  

Asked about his favorite subject and Brelove immediately says, ‘math’.  His favorite teacher, “Ms. Tameka Williams, she’s the best.”  Brelove’s  favorite thing to do is a no brainer, “Basketball, I just have a love for it.”

Brelove doesn’t leave his talents at the court, he’s an A/B student and volunteers at a local daycare where he talks to kids about his mistakes and the advantage of a positive attitude.  He admires former teammate Antwain Johnson who is now playing at Middle Tennessee, “It’s great seeing him succeed like he is.”  

Brelove said without a doubt who was responsible for him being where he is today, “The man above, Coach Welch for giving me the opportunity to play.  Usually most coaches would have thought I wasn’t going to amount to anything, and not have anything to do with me.  But he saw something in me and he stayed by my side.  He pushes me to play my best every game.  Mr. Doug Powell is like that too.  He is a nice guy till you get in trouble and then you get told what’s what.  He encourages me and he steadily pushes me too.  He tells me after my rough start even how proud he is of me and how I have come a long way and stuff.” 

The feeling is mutual between coach and player.  Welch says, “We had a rocky start.  Now we get along great.  It just took him learning that discipline is not a sign of meanness but of love.  He has grown a lot as a player and a young man. I am very proud of him.”

Doug Powell reiterates more of the same, “Honestly he’s one of my favorite kids to ever talk about.  It’s the true meaning of why Malone is special.  You see this kid that was a mess growing up, you know just sometimes mean and disrespectful and now I call him the President.  Everyone loves him and his demeanor, he’s a positive influence for our younger kids to see.  One example that stands out is when he walks in the lunchroom and the younger kids see him, he will pick them up and spend time with them. He hugs our teachers and speaks politely, great manners are always on display. Like I said elementary school was a rough start until he figured out we loved him and he changed.  Honestly, it’s the biggest change I have ever seen.”

Congratulations to Taquelon Brelove on his success and wishes for continued success from 

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