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Inside the Cupboard

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The community lost one of the best men who called Jackson County home this past Friday. Although, he was not one you saw at every sporting event in the area, his influence carried over to the ballparks through his children and grandchildren. His son played an integral part of the Marianna High School football program for over a decade. He had no hidden interest in the program, he did not have a son on the team.

As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even have a son. He gave of his time freely and willingly every week, not only during the season but throughout the year helping and organizing fundraisers to promote a better program for the players. This should be an example for everyone to follow – give of your time. There are many youngsters out there who need a positive influence, a word of praise or encouragement. I don’t know that a kind word has ever costs anyone a single dime. But my, at the difference it has made in many youngsters across the world. With the demise of the ‘traditional’ family, there are so many children who do not have both a mom and a dad in the family household. They may spend time with one or the other but not together. Or they may not have a relationship with one parent or another.

The addition of someone in their lives leaves the possibility wide open for good things to happen. A little encouragement may keep Johnny or Suzy on the right track to becoming a responsible and successful adult. What a disappointment to have an outstanding game – whether it’s on a field or on a court – with no one there to praise you for your hard work. Be that person who makes a difference. Grill up some burgers, improve the facilities with a coat of paint, organize a fundraiser that helps offset the cost of playing the sport to the player’s family.

There are times when even a low-cost sport is just a little over the edge of what a single parent or even a two-parent family can afford. With the cost of everything at an all-time high, money becomes a big factor in whether or not a child can play a sport. And bottom line, players have pride – they like a top notch facility with state of the art equipment. A little shine on the shoe makes for a happier businessman, why not put a little extra out there for the players. With year-round training for just about every sport now, those who give 100% deserve a little boost to their spirit. And the best part is the feeling you will have for having been a part of a winning program – despite wins and losses on the field. And that’s the way it is from “Inside the Cupboard.”

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