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Sneads weightlifting making noise early in the season

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The Sneads Pirates weightlifting team wasted little time making noise in the 2019 season.  Their first meet of the year was at Wakulla last week.

Anthony Terry tied the state bench press record for his weight class. He will have to tie or lift more than that at the state meet to become the record holder officially. According to his coach, Bill Thomas, “He should blow it away by then.” Terry’s total was 50 pounds more than the 139-state champion from 2018. 

Alonzo Hill had a 570 in 154 class, 35 pounds more than the 2018 state champion.

Thomas said, “We are hoping for a team title this year. I won the team championship three times when I was at Arnold.  With that said, Terry and Hill may be the best two lifters I’ve had.”

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