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4-Square honors Cason Hatcher’s love of the game

4-Square honors Cason Hatcher’s love of the game

For those who knew Cason Hatcher, you knew his love of games and none more so than the ever-popular 4-square game played at school across the country.  Cason was first in line to play 4-square daily during his free time in physical education at Riverside Elementary School during his three years there. He loved the game as much as he loved riding four-wheelers and jet-skis.  That was his indoor entertainment when the outside activities he loved so much were not an option.  

Students at Riverside this year will remember Cason in a special way thanks to the P.E. department, Linda Lee Harrell and Patti Johnson.  Students will have Cason’s memory with them for years to come with “In Memory of Cason Hatcher, Captain - #LLC12” stamped on a 4-square area.  For those who do not know, #LLC12 is Live Like Cason.

Cason’s parents, Wesley and Christie Hatcher were touched by the actions of those who taught Cason and Clark at Riverside for three years, “This is just humbling to see so much love for Cason. He would be so proud and especially since he loved this game like nobody else. We can’t express how truly thankful we are to Riverside, Mrs. Harrell and Mrs. Johnson.” 

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