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Landen Gammons sportsmanship award times three

Landen Gammons sportsmanship award times three

The thrill of being named an all-star is always exciting, many times as much for the parents as for the player. Landen Gammons all-star appearance is no exception, most especially since his dad, Adam Gammons is also his coach.  Adam Gammons coached a Graceville AA team during the regular season as well as served as the all-star team head coach.

Following Graceville’s first game in state competition last Saturday, Landen Gammons was awarded the sportsmanship medal, voted on and awarded by the umpires of the game.  When asked his thoughts on this award, a very upbeat Landen Gammons said, “Actually, I was awarded the MVP the first game, but they had to exchange the award because MVP could only go to a player off the winning team. But sportsmanship is still good. I think the umpires thought I was good.  They kept telling me good job.”

At the conclusion of the second game of the day, it was again Landen Gammons who was awarded the sportsmanship medal by the umpires. Upon receiving the medal, Landen immediately awarded it to Hunter Jones. Jones was the catcher in game two, suffered an injury to his hand and continued to play for the love of the game and to support his team. 

And the saying goes, “third time’s a charm’.  That couldn’t have rung truer than for Landen Gammons. Following Sunday’s rain-delayed game, Landen was again awarded the Sportsmanship Award. This time, Landen kept the award in the family when he presented it to his dad, Adam Gammons. Landen was a very proud young player when asked about his triple play with the awards and why he chose to gift two of them away, “I gave my second medal away to my friend, Hunter Jones. Hunter played good. He got hurt during the game and never gave up. He tried his hardest even with a hurt hand. He played the entire game even though he was hurt. I kept my third medal, it was for my dad.”

Landen said of giving the award to his dad, “My dad said GOOD JOB! And my mom cried like always. They were both super happy and proud.”

Mom Brittney Gammons was equal to the billing given her by Landon when she was almost tearful when she said, “Seeing Landen give his medal to his friend warmed my heart. Yes, I cried and still tear up thinking about it, but it makes me beyond proud and makes me feel like I’m doing something right as a parent!” #SUPERPROUDMOM.”

Congratulations to Landen Gammons not only on his outstanding play that won him three sportsmanship awards but on continuing to show true sportsmanship in receiving the awards from the publisher and staff of the Jackson County Times. 

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