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New METH charges filed against Travis Locke

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Travis Locke Photo Credit:  JCCF Travis Locke Photo Credit: JCCF

As reported by the TIMES exclusively last week under “First Appearances,” alleged meth manufacturer Travis Locke of Sneads has caught some serious new charges, even while incarcerated at the county jail. The new drug charges filed on Jan. 21 did not appear on daily arrest reports because Locke was already in jail, where he has been since December when his bond was revoked on a previous felony charge.  The state attorney’s office reviewed the new cases and  he was formally charged on January 21 with:
Count 1: Possession of a listed chemical, Sudafed—with intent to manufacture meth.
Count 2: Possession of controlled substance—methamphetamine.
Count 3: Possession of marijuana less than 20 grams, a misdemeanor.
Count 4: Possession of paraphernalia—pipe, rolling papers or cut straws for the purpose of use with controlled substance.
And Count 5: Possession of paraphernalia:  clear plastic bags, digital scale and butane mini-torch for preparing and testing controlled substance.

All of the new charges are felonies which carry maximum penalties of five years in prison each, except for the marijuana case. 
Locke remains in the Jackson County Corrections Facility under no bond, awaiting a February 22 trial date on a charge of fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement in a case filed back in July 2015.  He was first appeared on the new drug charges on January 22 and additional bonds totaling $42,500 were placed on him by the county judge.
The new drug charges are the result of a search of Locke’s automobile  made on Dec. 29 by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer.  The FWC officer  had an arrest warrant on him for “trespass while taking game,” a third degree felony.
According to police reports, FWC officer Michael Guy conducted a traffic stop on Locke on Dec. 29 to arrest him on the trespassing charge.  “Travis Locke was the sole occupant and driver,” the arrest report states.  “He was placed under arrest.  An inventory was conducted of the vehicle contents and located were suspected methamphetamines in a camo zippered bag…three glass pipes with residue, a wooden pipe with the odor of cannabis and residue, two packs of rolling papers, clear sandwich bags, digital scales, butane mini torch, eye drop bottle with suspected acid, small plastic container with residue, one quart of charcoal lighter fluid and $591.27 in US currency. On Travis Locke’s person,” the FWC officer’s report continues, “was a cigarette pack containing 20 Sudafed pills wrapped in a plastic sandwich bag.  A cannabis joint located in the vehicle returned a positive field test result.”
The FWC report states that Locke was arrested at the time but apparently he was not charged with the drug offenses right away.  He was charged with the trespassing offense and taken to jail, where his $15,000 bond was revoked.  Locke had been free on $15,000 bail because of the fleeing/attempting to elude charge.  Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts gave chase to a vehicle for unlawful speed or reckless driving on Reddoch Road on July 18, 2015, but the vehicle got away, according to the sheriff.  An investigation named Locke as the suspect and he was arrested later. 
If Locke is convicted of the charges made from drugs found in his car, he will have exhibited risky behavior indeed for a person free at the time on $15,000 surety bond for a second degree felony charge of fleeing/attempting to elude.  That 2nd degree felony alone carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.  That may have been even more risky behavior for a person who in 2014 was almost killed in an alleged drug transaction that turned into a robbery and resulted in the death of a young Grand Ridge man, Patrick Register. 
In August 2014, Register reportedly was a companion of Locke and a passenger in his pickup truck when they met a gang from Marianna that purportedly was going to sell them pseudoephedrine, a meth ingredient.  They had the buy money, according to the arrest reports and subsequent trial testimonies, but the “sellers” had no drugs, only guns.  When the alleged buyers resisted the armed robbery late that night on the unpaved Dellwood/Cypress Road, guns were fired and Register died a few hours later from his wounds.  Locke also was wounded by the gunfire. Three armed robbery and manslaughter defendants later were sentenced to a total of about 75 years in prison.  Locke reportedly cooperated with law enforcement during the investigations and trials but was never charged with any offense. 

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