How to repair scratched wood floor

  • Written by  Danny Lipford
How to repair scratched wood floor

Touch up kits are available for repairing minor damage to wood floors. If the scratch or gouge is deep and runs across the grain, you probably won’t be able to make it disappear completely, but you should be able to fix it so it’s hard to notice.

If you have a leftover scrap of finished flooring, practice on it before trying the repair on your floor. Here’s how to go about repairing your floor:

Scrape: To repair a minor scrape on the surface of the finish, try applying paste wax to the spot. Once the wax has dried, use a clean soft cloth to wipe off any excess and bring back the shine.

Scratch: For a shallow scratch, use a furniture touch up pen that matches the color of the wood. A brown marker or shoe polish will also work if you can find the right shade to match. Wipe off any excess before it dries.

Gouge: For a deeper scratch or small gouge, rub a matching colored wax filler stick or brown crayon on the spot until the nick is filled. Rub the spot with a soft cloth to remove any excess wax.

Deep Gouge: For a deep gouge, fill the hole with matching colored wood putty. You can also use epoxy glue mixed with sanding dust and/or universal colorant. When dry, lightly sand the spot flush and smooth with the floor then apply a thin coat of a compatible finish to the spot.

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