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How to make a desk drawer divider

Written by Danny Lipford
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Here’s is an easy project to help get organized. Tackle the clutter in your desk using scrap wood from around the house. If you don’t have any wood, all you need is some hobby boards, which you can find at any craft or home improvement store; a table saw or miter saw; and some glue.

Begin by removing the drawer from your desk, Clean it out, then break out the measuring tape.

Once you have the width, height, and length, plan out how you want your drawers organized. This drawer is fairly small, with one-foot sides all around. We went with a simple plus shape, but for bigger drawers just add extra branches to your vertical piece.

Make your cuts using either a miter or table saw.

Using sandpaper or a palm sander, smooth the edges.

Glue your pieces together with a quality wood glue, like Titebond.

Use a straw to remove the excess glue from the wood.

Once everything is dry, install your new organizer.

Now your desk is decluttered.

 Watch the video for details.

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