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The Legend of Two-Egg Florida

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By: Judy Hood May 17, 2006 edition of the Times

Local legend has it that over 100 years ago, ‘Two Egg’ was named by the first country store owner because the cost of a breakfast for a man was paid by giving two eggs as payment. This legend was handed down by E.K. (Bud) Hamilton who was the crossroad’s oldest historian until somewhere in the late ‘60’s early ‘70’s.

Two Egg is famous for its crisscrossing the panhandle from Dothan, Alabama to U.S. Highway 90 but there is no Post Office and therefore, you can not mail a letter post-marked ‘Two Egg, Florida’. “Money was about as scarce as hen’s teeth in TWO EGG” (An authority tells it like it was. By John Bevis).

Another story passed down through generations of the Bevis family ‘Two Egg’ was originally called ‘Allison School Community’. ‘Two Egg’ is believed to have been settled around 1860.  Thomas R. Bevis built the first general store there in 1875 following his attempt to become another southern cotton king; this did not work out as well as he expected.

“Money was about as scarce as a hen’s teeth’ back in those days, so folks used the bartering system as a means of payment or method of exchange. Three dozen eggs were retailed at a quarter however, hard money (coins and bills) were worth more than eggs. Two eggs could buy a barberpole style candy, ten eggs would buy you lunch or was equal to five cents.

Around 1905, a farmer by the name of Will Williams raised a family in what was called a “Shotgun” house. This “shotgun’ house had three small bedrooms, was built end to end with a front and back door and where when both doors were opened, one could shoot a shotgun through the house and never hit a thing. Mr. Williams was a poor man and was only able to give his children a hen when they were six years of age. Therefore, whatever eggs these hens laid, the children were able to use the eggs as spending money at the local country store. Every cent or two eggs could buy anything from candy to sundry items. Over the years the country stores included Bevis, Hamilton, Allen and Neal family owners. It should be noted; Mr. Williams sired 57 children with 11 wives until he died in the mid-fifties.

Wholesale grocery salesmen often saw the Williams children in the country stores buying things with their eggs and would often comment “this crossroad won’t never be nothin’ but a two egg
town” and the name stuck.

Two Egg is not on any official state road maps nor is it recognized by the Florida State Road Department since there is no post office. This version of the naming of ‘Two Egg’ came from a fourth generation ‘Two Egger’.

Information about ‘Two Egg’ and the above versions was obtained from a story written back on Friday, May 5, 1972, p. 15 of the ‘Tallahassee Democrat’ and a story written in the ‘All Florida Magazine’, date unknown, by John Bevis.

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