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Civil War Historical Volumes Donated For Public Research Use Featured

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Civil War Historical Volumes Donated For Public Research Use

Pat Crisp, president of the Chipola Historical Trust, is pleased to announce two very valuable additions to their historical collection, which is permanently available to the public in the basement of the Jackson County Courthouse.

Jesse and Trina Throssel Smallwood, Chipola Trust members, donated a set of books titled, The War of Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. This was published under the direction of the Honorable Elihu Root, Secretary of War by Brigadier General Fred C. Ainsworth, Chief of the Record and Pension Office, War Department, and Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley, printed at the Washington Government Printing Office in 1901.

The set contains 128 volumes in a series of IV with a General Index. The books are marked as 130 volumes in the set, but Volumes 112 and 113 have not been published, thus no material for them is in hand. They are reserved to contain such additional material as it may be decided to publish in the future.

The information is in date sequence, covering a period of over four years, December 10, 1860 to April 16, 1865. Each volume contains an index for that volume. There is also a General Index, Volume 130, and Additions and Corrections by Mr. John S. Mooday, Indexer.

Homer Hirt, a member of the Chipola Trust also, contributed a library of Confederate Military History, in twelve volumes, written by distinguished men of the South and edited by General Clement Anselm Evans of Georgia. The series was published by Atlanta, Georgia Confederate Publishing Company in 1899. This is a facsimile Reprint

Edition from the original edition of 1899 by the Archive Society, c1944, 130 Locust Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Nine volumes are specific for certain states with these volumes being General History. All volumes contain illustrations. Most volumes have maps. Loose maps have been secured with archival tape into the book. There are several maps which appear to be missing.

There is no index. Each volume has an excellent Table of Contents by chapters and sub-titles within each chapter. The information is written in sequential order by year and date.

  • Volume I Part 1 and Part 2, General History
  • Volume II Maryland and West Virginia
  • Volume III Part 1 and Part 2, Virginia
  • Volume IV North Carolina
  • Volume V South Carolina
  • Volume VI Georgia
  • Volume VII Part 1 Alabama, Part 2 Mississippi
  • Volume VIII Tennessee
  • Volume IX Kentucky and Missouri
  • Volume X Part 1 Louisiana, Part 2 Arkansas
  • Volume XI Florida and Texas
  • Volume XII General History

The Chipola Trust is deeply indebted to Dale Guthrie, Clerk of the Circuit Court, who made available a series of secured shelves in the basement of the Courthouse where thousands and thousands of historical items are archived.

All books have been stamped by Archivist Nadine Standland with the Chipola Historical Trust ownership stamp and she has repaired several volumes.

The books are located in an area where they may be easily used for research and returned to their shelf, as is the case of any other historical records in the Courthouse.

The Chipola Trust invites anyone interested in research into ancestral Civil War participation to use these very informative volumes for their research and The Trust greatly appreciates these two families for sharing their collections of Civil War research information with the public.

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