Concerned American Patriots Present Pastor Eddie Eaton

Concerned American Patriots, who focus their efforts on the Constitution and conservative values, presented as their featured speaker Pastor Eddie Eaton at their regular meeting on February 18. Eaton is known as a Constitutional scholar and is retired from the Holmes County Sheriff's department as well as a certified weapons instructor.

Eaton's subject: "Gun Rights-Why the Controversy?" focused on gun rights of the law abiding citizen from a Constitutional, from the law of Nature and from the law enforcement perspective. The speaker made several points from the Constitutional perspective, the chief one centering around the Second Amendment. He stated that this is the only amendment that contains the words "Shall not be infringed upon", and referred the listeners to Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary which states that the meaning is "not to be broken nor violated".

Continuing in this same vein, Mr. Eaton gave the example from George Mason's 1788 writings that defined the Militia as "the whole people", because at that time almost every male inhabitant of the thirteen colonies not only possessed a firearm but knew how to use it. He also cited the U. S. Supreme Court ruling of June 28, 2008 that indicated the right to carry arms, as cited in the Second Amendment, was unconnected with the requirement that a militia be present.

Pastor Eaton moved on to the Bible with questions and answers. One is: Is it right to defend ourselves from physical attack? He answers with a most definitive "yes" and says that Matthew 5:38-39 is often cited out of context as meaning that a person is not to protect himself from personal attacks. He says that it means not to "get even".

Mr Eaton pointed to Luke 22:36-38, Jesus anticipated and expected them to carry swords.

The Concerned American Patriots meet monthly at the Agricultural Center on Highway 90 West, Marianna, Florida. Watch for notices of the meeting in the Jackson County TIMES and on their "Pickup Truck Signboard" just outside the city limits!


Speaker Tells It Like It Is at Tea Party

By Sid Riley Even though the elections of 2012 are now history, a large measure of concern must remain as was evidenced by the large crowd which assembled for the first meeting of the Concerned American Patriots for 2013. The meeting was held at the Highway 90 Agricultural Center on Monday evening.

The guest speaker was noted author and conservative constitutional activist , Michael Maharrey, National Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. He began with an overview of the stated intent of the framers of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as they struggled to define the powers of the new Federal Government as related to States Rights. Maharrey stressed that prior to the creation and adoption of the Constitution, each state was considered to be a separate, independent nation, and was recognized by England after the Revolutionary on that basis.

However, they realized that they shared common interests and needs which could best be served through creation of a central government. However, there was a great fear that this central, federal government would become so powerful that it would be able to overcome and enslave the states, usurping all of their intended powers. In this new form of government which was being created, an overriding, unique theme was that the power originated with the people of the nation and flowed upward to state and federal governments. That is why the Constitution begins with the phrase, "We the People..."

Although this concept is clearly stated in the Constitution, the framers felt there was a need to specifically enumerate the powers of the Federal Government through the creation of the first ten amendments, which are known as the “Bill of Rights”. Specifically, the ninth and tenth amendments deal with defining, and limiting federal powers. The new federal government was given very limited powers, among those were power over national security, international trade, and settlement of disputes between the state governments. These amendments clearly state that all powers which are not specifically defined as powers of the federal government will automatically be considered to be powers of the states.

However, even with those clearly defined precepts and the special efforts to restrain the powers of the federal government, our politicians, judges, and powerful special interests have been able to create what our founding fathers most feared, "A powerful, dominant federal government".

Through his work with the Tenth Amendment Center, Maharrey is promoting the concept of "Nullification" in regards to issues in which the federal government is exceeding constitutionally authorized authority and mandating actions to be taken by the state governments which are not covered under the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution for the federal government. The founding documents state that the states have the right of nullification and refusal to participate on those issues which illegally infringe on the powers of the States. Many state politicians are afraid of the reprisals which such actions might engender from the Federal authorities and are very hesitant to utilize this defined constitutional authority to protect their rights and the rights of their citizens. He also stated that this same principal applies to county and municipal governments when they encounter Federal and State mandates which are not constitutionally authorized. As a result of this political reluctance at the state and local levels, states Maharrey, we have an exceedingly powerful Federal Government which is routinely violating the Constitution and infringing on citizen rights.

Michael Maharrey received a standing ovation from the admittedly conservative audience.

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