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1st APPEARANCE – November 28, 2017

  • Kaylyn Gerry: aggravated battery person uses a deadly weapon – conditional release, no contact with victim
  • Charlie Griffin: violation of state probation – no bond; failure to appear (obstruction of justice) – time served $370, recommend county jail, county time served 60 days; out of county warrant (Washington County) – no bond
  • Tristan Adams: grand theft - $5,000, conditional release, no contact with victim
  • William Foxworth: violation of county probation (possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia) – adjudication of guilt, 4 months county jail, $370, concurrent, recommend public works, county time served 6 days
  • Joshua Goodwin: lewd and lascivious molestation - $5,000 bond, no contact with victim
  • Daniel Pate: second degree murder with firearm – no bond
  • Callen Bozeman: marijuana possession over 20 grams - $10,000 bond, no contact with Cameron Peterson
  • Cameron Peterson: marijuana possession over 20 grams, out on bond on pre-trial intervention case - $10,000 bond on new charge, no contact with Callen Bozeman, hold for 14 days to see if they revoke bond
  • Joshua Davis: controlled substance, possess/sell/manufacture - $5,000; possession of certain drugs without prescription - $2,500; conditional release
  • Selena Davis: possession with intent to distribute, no probable cause on 1,000 foot only in intent to distribute - $5,000; conditional release
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