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Jackson County cast 6,435 votes for liquor by the drink Featured

Jackson County cast 6,435 votes for liquor by the drink

The crowd was smaller than what is seen at scheduled elections when the votes were being counted at the office of Supervisor of Elections Sylvia Stephens Tuesday night.  The smaller crowd made up for it in voice however when the announcement came from Stephens at 7:14 p.m. Tuesday night.  

There were 10,548 votes cast in the by-mail, reflecting a turnout of 37.12 percent of registered voters in the county.  Of those 10,548 votes, 6,243 were cast in favor of the liquor by the drink sales in Jackson County.  There were 4,110 votes cast against the liquor by the drink sales for Jackson County.  

Local business woman, Lindsy Milton was more than pleased with the results of Tuesday’s election, “Finally, Jackson County has joined 60 other counties in Florida that have been serving liquor by the drink and are no longer living in the past.  I have helped in trying to get this passed the last three times the locals have tried, taking petitions to parties when I was working for my brother and I am no so happy it has finally happened.”  

One of those in attendance for the announcement of the results was Bistro Palms owner, Mystie Richards was more than a little excited with the outcome of the election.  She immediately was on her feet and in a ‘happy dance’ mode.  

The results, as in any election, were not welcomed by everyone.  The TIMES had a visitor Tuesday evening following the election who was concerned about the state of Jackson County.  Marcus Duggan said, “I don’t see this being an economic boost for our county, other than for the court systems and divorce attorneys.  Alcohol never produced positive results at anything and I don’t see selling it at restaurants and bars making our economy better.  It is what it is and I will put it in God’s hands.”

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