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Books, Music, Newspapers, and friendly conversation Featured

Books, Music, Newspapers, and friendly conversation

As the editor of the The Jackson County Times, I like to think of our paper as “The Shop Around the Corner.”  For those who have not seen the movie, You’ve Got Mail, let me explain.  A ‘mega shop’ is opening around the corner from a small, quaint book store that offers personalized service, knows all about the books they have, has treats for the youngsters and a smile for the adults.  That is the TIMES in a nut shell.  We are not an Associated Press newspaper.  We are very small staffed with everyone having a heart for their job like no other.   We welcome walk-ins who just want to speak, voice 

a comment, ask directions, give us a story idea, or just have a treat that is always present at the TIMES.  

We love to host book signings because we meet lots of new people.  November 04, we will be hosting a double signing.  Former sheriff John ‘Johnny Mac’ McDaniel and Chalmers Wilson will be in the TIMES office from 11-2 signing copies of their books.  They are offered for sale at the TIMES every day without any shipping or added on costs.  Everyone is encouraged to come by and purchase a book at the cost offered on line, save the shipping and take it home with them on the same day.  Also available is the CD Invitation by Peggy June Cox.  It is dedicated to her sister, JoAnn Messer Tate, who passed away in 1989 from breast cancer.  The 2013 and 2014 books from the Chipola Historical Trust Society that outlines many historical buildings, homes, events from Jackson County are always available at the TIMES for $25 each.  The day of the book signing, the Times will have artwork by artist Sidney Carter on display.  His artwork is full of emotion and is a delight to see.  

Make plans to attend the book signings on November 04, it promises to be worth your time.  If that day is not convenient for you, stop by our office anytime, say hello, offer some words of wisdom, and have a treat, some cool water, or a cup of coffee on the TIMES!

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