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Golson Elementary recognizes Jackson County Heroes Featured

Golson Elementary recognizes Jackson County Heroes

Golson Elementary had every intention of having a 911 program ready to roll on Monday, September 11 but the threat of Hurricane Irma brought those plans to a screeching halt.  With school out Friday the 8th, Monday and Tuesday, the 11th and 12th, the program had to be canceled.  Not to be outdone by a small delay, principal Amy Allen alerted her teachers and staff that the recognition would still happen, but would be delayed to a later date.  Last Friday was the day for Golson to show all Jackson County first responders how much they are appreciated.

The entire faculty, staff, and student body turned out for Friday’s event.  It was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Representatives from the Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Public Utilities, the Jackson County Fire & Rescue, the Jackson County Sheriff’s office, the Marianna Fire Department, and the Marianna Police Department were present and called out for their work and dedication to keeping Jackson County safe and with electricity.

Florida Public Utilities brought two of their trucks and proudly displayed the United States of America flag between the two.  Everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem played by the Marianna Middle School band.  Everyone was blessed with the voice of Anthony Severson singing Gold Bless the USA. 

Pastor Lavon Pettis from Evangel Worship Center addressed the students, told them what a great land we live in, how awesome our first responders were, and addressed each and every department represented with a round of applause and the raising of their flags by the Golson student body.  

Following the event, Allen was close to speechless, “This is just fantastic.  I don’t know when I have been so moved by such an awesome event. This was a 9-11 remembrance day and it was my desire to help the students understand who our true heroes are, those who serve others and put others’ needs before themselves.  I am truly blessed with the best staff and best students ever.”  

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