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1st APPEARANCE – October 5, 2017

  • Jacob Brown: hold for Bay County – no bond
  • Lawrence Mark: violation of state probation – no bond
  • Yoland Brockman: driving with license from another state when Florida license suspended – 10 days county jail, $400, county time served 1 day, recommend county jail
  • Maurice Overton: burglary while armed with a firearm, fugitive from justice (Trenton, New Jersey) - $100,000 bond
  • Marco Valazquez-Hernandez: driving with an expired driver’s license more than 6 months, immigration and customs enforcement has been notified – hold with no bond until tomorrow
  • Candice Thomas: petit theft – pre-trial intervention 1 year, $370, restitution $184.05, no contact with victim Dollar General Marianna west end
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