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Marianna Health and Rehab makes it official with ribbon cutting Featured

Marianna Health and Rehab makes it official with ribbon cutting

Although the move into the new state of the art addition to Marianna Health and Rehabilitation Center occurred August 30, the public had its first opportunity to view the facility Tuesday afternoon as the ribbons were cut by the Chamber of Commerce making the opening official.  Beauty queens, constitutional officers, city and county commissioners, and a host of very eager citizens were all present for the grand opening and tour. 

Bill Stanton, Executive Director of the Jackson County Development Council, was as impressed as everyone else there.  In an interview with the TIMES following his visit there, Stanton said, “I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the renovation.  I knew what the health department looked like before. But you would never know what we walked into today, had ever had any kind of history as a health department fifty plus years ago.  I was just taken away.  But even more than the fact that the conversion was so great, the thing that overwhelmed me, it was by far the best laid out health and rehab center facility I’ve ever seen anywhere.  And I’ve seen them all over the world.  I’ve never seen anything laid out like this.  The spaciousness of the seven rooms, the walk-in shower that you can walk in up right or you wheel yourself in your wheel chair.  That was absolutely astounding.  The functionality of the rooms was absolutely astounding.  The wheel chair ramp you know taking it from one level because the health department was at one level and the nursing home at another level so they had to compensate and to come up with that two-tiered wheel chair ramp that was so spacious that people can go up it with multiple, two chairs at a time plus walking people, nothing tight about it at all.  That was amazing.  Words cannot describe what has taken place there and I think everybody that is within the reading public of your newspaper ought to see this because they can see what can happen with just a small group of people, in this case the Marianna City Commission, having the foresight to do this.”

Mayor Kenny Hamilton seconded those sentiments, “It makes me proud to have been a part of this and to have seen it through to fruition from my time on the City Commission.  I think this is something that we as citizens of Marianna can be proud of for years to come.  We set the bar high for anyone to match the facility we have at Marianna Health and Rehab.  I was very impressed with what we saw today.” 

With the new addition, the 5-Star rated facility moves above the norm in state of the art equipment, private rooms, dining, and everyday living activities.  Inside the newest addition to the facility is a new state of the art Activities of Daily Living Lab or ADL lab.  This area will allow residents to prepare and cook meals, set the table for dinner, with a choice of washing their dishes or loading them in the dishwasher after they’ve finished their meal.  The residents will be performing these tasks under the direct supervision and support of the occupational therapists.  These tasks will be equal to the tasks that would be performed every day in their homes if they were at home, gradually preparing them for their return home.  After dinner, they can then load and unload the washing machine and dryer.  The ADL Lab has all of the comforts of home so residents can regain their independence.  The ADL suite also has an amazing whirlpool tub for therapy.

The gym equipment has been installed and is ready for use by the clients.  The new beds and resident room furniture has been placed in the new private suites as well.  The Agency for Health Care Administration signed off on the completed project and the move was completed Wednesday morning, August 31.

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