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1st APPEARANCE – October 2, 2017

  • Martin Sweat: petit theft (retail) - $3,500 bond, 60 days county jail, $370
  • Veneshia Britt: possession of drug paraphernalia – 11 month/29 day probation, $370, substance abuse counseling
  • Reshaun Patton: possession of marijuana less than 20 grams - $2,500 bond; violation of state probation – no bond, hold for 7 days to file violation of state probation
  • Dominique Works: trespass of occupied structure or conveyance - $500 bond, 4 months county jail, $370, county time served 2 days, allow defendant to withdraw plea if Holmes County tries to use plea to violate
  • Ruane Taylor: driving while license suspended or revoked, Leon County state probation – released on own recognizance
  • Lauren Godwin: petit theft (retail) – granted conditional release, pre-trial intervention 1 year, $370
  • Alexis Johnson: operating a motor vehicle without license - $500 bond; giving false name to law enforcement officer - $500 bond; violation of county probation (no valid driver’s license) – posted bond with D&D
  • Melinda Wagner: violation of state probation – arrested on violation of state probation with released on own recognizance signed by Judge Patterson
  • Nicholas Hollis: to be released today
  • Christopher Hearns: granted at conditional release


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