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Tours coming to ‘Old’ Marianna High School Homecoming weekend

Tours coming to ‘Old’ Marianna High School Homecoming weekend

Graduates of Marianna High School will have the opportunity to walk down memory lane the weekend of Marianna High School’s homecoming festivities.  Homecoming is scheduled for November 3 with the Bulldogs taking on Rutherford Friday night at Bulldog Stadium.  

Details for the tour are not confirmed but will be announced soon and will be published in the TIMES and on social media.  

MHS graduate Rhonda Dykes has spearheaded a group of former graduates and businesses in town to partition the legislature for help in restoring Marianna High School to its original condition.  Fifty plus years took its toll on the building.  It is rich in history with its architectural design, senior door, arches and engravings.  Dykes stressed that the importance of ‘revitalizing the school’ goes beyond its graduates and Marianna but extends to the history of Jackson County and the part Marianna High School played in the lives of so many students who passed through there.  Doctors, lawyers, successful businessmen, nurses, and elected officials give Marianna High School credit for where they are today. 

For those who are interested in following the plight of restoration of Marianna High School, or to keep up with events involving the historic MHS, you may follow on Facebook “Historic Marianna High School”.

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