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Danny Lipford – making Marianna proud 20 years and going Featured

Danny Lipford and daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf Danny Lipford and daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Danny Lipford could never have envisioned when he graduated from Marianna High School in the 70s of where he would be today.  He is known as the guru of home improvement and proof is in the pudding.  This year, Lipford starts his 20th season of Today’s Homeowner.  

Today’s Homeowner broadcasts to more viewers than ever before, covering 91% of the United States.  It is among the most respected, longest-running home improvement shows in the United States.

In a press release about the 20th season, Lipford says of the show, “Today’s Homeowner’s impressive reach and top ratings are remarkable, and show just how far we’ve come in 20 seasons.  Growing up, I had an interest in making old things new again, but never imagined Id’ be sharing that with millions on national television.”  

The press release goes on to show the bridge with Lipford’s daughter, Chelsea Lipford Wolf, sees herself as a bridge between her expert dad and the average do-it yourself, being able to ask questions for the viewers of Today’s Homeowner, “I enjoy learning new skills from my dad and know that will continue both on – and off – the show,” she comments. “But what I’m looking forward to most in this new role is teaching him a few things! When I’m not trying to keep dad in line, some of my favorite projects include upcycling, incorporating technology into the home, and keeping up with new trends. So, you’ll see me introducing dad and our awesome homeowners to a few of my own tricks this season.”

Episodes are being planned for Houston and Tulsa, Oklahoma this year, with more locations in the works for 2018.  

Danny Lipford outlines his beginning to where he is now, “I was born in a small town, down in the Panhandle of Florida called Marianna. Marianna is just North of Panama City, 50 or 60 miles, and yeah, I spent a little time in Panama City and Panama City Beach when I was growing up. I had a great time in the small town and have some wonderful, wonderful friends there that I get to see from time to time. Certainly, all of my friends and family from my hometown have supported everything that I’ve done over the years. I moved through and grew up in that environment and it was a great family life. My father really showed me a lot of things about repairing things around the house. He also loved building little pieces of furniture even though he was a school teacher and school administrator. I really kinda got the bug, to the point that I had to save some money just to buy my first power tool. I was only nine years old, and was in the third grade, and of course back then you had the old Sears and Roebuck catalogs that you would look through. I found this little jigsaw or saber saw I liked and decided I wanted to buy one. Well, the only way I could make money was to sweep this very long concrete driveway, and this was back before the leaf blowers and all the fancy things we have now for that. Every time I would sweep that with the old broom, I would get a quarter. Well, with all the squirrel we had in the yard and all it needed it quite a bit. I had me a little cup on my night stand that I would put that money in. Any little thing I could do, and it took me a little while of sweeping to get me to my $11.41 that I needed. I took that money and gave it to my mom and had the page out of the Sears catalog and said, “I want to buy this saw.” I’m even surprised to this day that they let me buy this pretty aggressive saw. I can remember waiting every day at the mailbox for my little saw to come in and it finally came in. As a matter of fact, it’s on my wall in my little shop that I have here that we do a fair amount of taping in. It is very symbolic to me that it was the start for me. I used that saw for a long, long time. I didn’t know what you were supposed to use a saber saw or jigsaw for. I mean I made baseball bats, and that didn’t work out too well. I would make all kinds of little plaques out of a piece of paneling. I would cut these little heart shaped plaques and I would take my wood burning tool and write in there “World’s Best Mom” or “World’s Best Dad” that kind of thing. I found some of those recently, stuff I was going through at my late mom and dad’s place. It was pretty cool to see those things. Must have meant a lot to them to hold on to them for all those many years. I moved along and got through high school and as soon as I graduated from high school, I moved to where I live now, Mobile Alabama to go to school at the University of South Alabama. One thing I realized and it was kind of unusual for me and a little bit of a surprise was that when you live in a small town, you never have to learn to meet anybody. You grow up with them from kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade. You’re not having to let’s say, learn the skills of meeting people. So, when I moved here the only person I knew in this town was my older brother Bill. Of course, he had a few friends he introduced me to here and there. When I went to the University of South Alabama it was a much smaller school than it is these days. It was a cliquish kind of thing, because a lot of the people had gone to high school around the Mobile area. I didn’t know anybody, so it took me a while to figure out how to meet people and how to do things here and there. It’s worked out pretty well. I learned that and was able to develop a wonderful group of friends here, and of course I’m raising my family here.” 

The Today’s Homeowner 20th season kicked off the week of September 18 with its first episode, “Renter’s Renovations.” Though it can be challenging to personalize a rental space, Danny and Chelsea help a trio of roommates in Birmingham, AL, boost the style and security of their rental home. The beauty is that the fixes are temporary and can move with the roommates when they graduate to first-time homeowners.

Today’s Homeowner is a trusted home improvement authority delivering fresh, original, practical advice to consumers across diverse media platforms including the top-rated, nationally syndicated Today’s Homeowner television show, entering its 20th season and its radio counterpart, the nationally syndicated Today’s Homeowner radio show. Additionally, the media brand hosts the top home enthusiast destination website, TodaysHomeowner.com, drawing nearly two million monthly visitors, robust social media channels and the award-winning lifestyle blog and web series, Checking In With Chelsea. 3 Echoes Productions, the professional production arm of the brand, serves an impressive national clientele with expert video services.

Host and founder of the brand, Danny Lipford, is among the most sought-after home improvement experts in the country. The seasoned remodeling contractor and media personality served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for over a decade and has made more than 180 national television appearances on FOX&Friends, Inside Edition, Morning Express with Robin Meade, FOX Business Channel, Rachael Ray and more. He travels the country making appearances as a brand ambassador and spokesperson, and contributes expertise to hundreds of popular magazines and online media outlets each year.

The publisher and staff of the Jackson County Times congratulates Danny Lipford on his continued success and his loyalty to his roots in Jackson County.  

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