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Teacher to vocalist – Peggy Cox honors her sister through music Featured

Teacher to vocalist – Peggy Cox honors her sister through music

Peggy Cox is a retired English teacher who was born and raised in Grand Ridge.  She attended Chipola Jr. College and Troy State University in the 1960s where she obtained a B.S. degree in English.  She returned a few years later to achieve a Master’s Degree from Florida State University.   Cox taught English, speech, and journalism in Calhoun County.

Cox readily admits she loved teaching but also says her first love has always been music and singing.  Her retirement years have allowed her to devote her time to music, home, family, church, and her two super special grandsons, Texas and Johnny.  She and her husband Jimmy are approaching their 50th anniversary.  

Peggy says, “The first memories I have of singing was signing along with the radio.  I sang in church as a toddler – too little to be seen without standing in a chair.  My mother played the piano for me and taught me my first songs. I remember listening to the Grand Ole Opry o Saturday nights and being so impressed with the female singers and trying to imitate them.  When our cousins came to play, our game was pretending we were performing at The Grand Old Opry and taking roles as various performers.”

Peggy remembers growing up as the “Messer Girls”.  She says, “My sisters and I were a trio, I had the privilege of singing I musicals at Chipola and learned so much from Larry Nelson who taught there at that time.”  

The song, Wish You Were Here is dedicated to JoAnn’s memory.  Her sister, JoAnn passed away in 1989 from breast cancer.  She was I her mid-forties.  Peggy truly believes early detection could have been key to saving her life.  That and much information available today was not available then.  She is hopeful the song on her CD will honor her and others like her. 

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