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Marianna moves forward on administrative complex Featured

Marianna moves forward on administrative complex

The Marianna City commissioners heard from architect Paul Donofro Tuesday night at their regularly scheduled meeting in reference to the proposed Marianna Administrative Complex.  This new complex is being constructed to house city offices, police and fire departments.  

Marianna received $350,000 from the State Legislature with those funds to be used as part of the planning process, and ultimately construction.  Paul A. Donofro addressed the commissioners and those present about the proposed Administrative Complex.  Donofro said he had met with Mr. Dean (Jim Dean, City Manager) to make sure they were in compliance by providing architectural and engineering services as required to develop and design construction drawings, bidding specifications so that if and when the city does get the money to build this, that the plans will be ready.  Donofro stated, “This will make it a shovel ready project.”

Donofro said the original plans for the police department to move into the Peel Building had been nixed because of some of the problems with the Peel Building.  Donofro explained how the concept will now work, “We will basically take the Peel Building and renovate it and remodel it and do an adaptive and reuse project.  Four departments that are contained in the building here at City Hall could be moved into it.  Basically, this would be the first floor of the Peel Building.  Half of that building would be designated for administrative offices which would be Jim’s office, human resources and Marianna Main Street.  The North half of that building would be designated for the clerk’s department.  We felt like those two would be the most highly traffic areas of the four components that go into this building.  The second floor would contain municipal planning, and then the public works components which are smaller areas and less highly traffic.”

Donofro went on to say once this phase was completed, those departments would move out of the present building they are in and the police department would move out of the building they are in and into the building where those offices are now held.  The fire department would remain where it is.  Once the police department is relocated, that building would then be demolished.  The third phase would then be the construction of the new public safety building that would contain space at the north end for the police department, the south end for the fire department and then the middle would be the new city commission meeting room and public toilets.  Once that is completed and the fire department moved from their current location, the existing buildings would then be demolished.  This would make room for the new municipal parking lot that would serve both buildings.  

John Roberts questioned the amount of square footage that was being appropriated for each of the departments.  Donofro provided those figures to the commissioners’ satisfaction.  

The work order submitted from Donofro & Associates was $30,275.00 for Service A – Schematic Architectural Design; $41,300.00 for Service B – Design Development; $87,250.00 Service C – Construction Drawings and Bidding Specifications Development; and $38,500.00 Service D - Civil Engineering.  

A motion was made by Commissioner Roberts, seconded by Allen Ward and carried 5-0.  

Donofro thanked the commissioners and said his firm would get to work on the package immediately to send forward and would hopefully have that done by Thursday.

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