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Sinkholes at K-8 proposed building site Featured

Sinkholes at K-8 proposed building site

The Jackson County School Board has what they are hopeful is a minor hurdle with the location of the new proposed K-8 school in Jackson County.  

Superintendent of Schools Larry Moore acknowledged that there is a sinkhole on the proposed site, “It’s what we think is a minor hurdle.  We have 90 acres of land in which to build the school that will take less than 10 acres to build.  We are awaiting reports before we make any decisions but again we do not consider this a major setback.”  

Director of Facilities and Maintenance Stuart Wiggins, “We are still waiting on a report back from the Geo Tech service to help us figure out how bad it is and we don’t think it’s bad at all.”  This service is being conducted by Nova Engineering out of Panama City.  Wiggins continued, “In all fairness, it’s a lot smaller than the sinkhole Chipola had to deal with and they put a nice beautiful building (The Arts Center) on there and they’ve not had any issues so far.   We have several options we can pursue.  One is flowable fill, that is a concrete surface below the foundation, kind of like a double foundation.  Sometimes you roof over a roof and this would be the same as that from the foundation level.  We can also shift the school to the east because we have another 75-100 feet we can move the school over.  It’s kind of like we have a lot of choices.  Plus, right now we don’t have anything concrete saying we have to do anything.  We will evaluate all of our choices once we get reports back.”  

Groundbreaking has not been rescheduled as of now and is set for October.  

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