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School Board Issues

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Dear Jackson County Citizens,  On September 27, I submitted my response letter to the editor to the Jackson County Floridan in regards to Dave Galloway's September 23, letter to the editor in the Jackson County Floridan, however, my response still has not been printed in the Jackson County Floridan as of today.

I have NOT surreptitiously recorded anyone, so that statement was slanderous. I have not even tried to record any PRIVATE conversation, just ones involving school staff on official business. The law that they keep claiming prevents me from recording 934.02-03 does not apply to conversations in which the person has no reasonable expectation of privacy, which people can't have when there are multiple people discussing public business.

And if you've noticed when you go into the school board office, there's a sign saying you are subject to recording, too. Doubt they ask anyone's specific permission.

I appreciate the worry my family and friends have expressed that the JCSB will arrest me in violation of my First Amendment rights and as further retaliation.

Write JCSB and tell them if they don't have anything to hide in the course of their official duties, to stop acting like they do, and stop retaliating against me because I advocate for students with disabilities. And, those wanting to protest. If JCSB decides to do that, please send your email addresses to so I can contact you with updates as needed.

Let's take back our School District so our teachers can teach, and our money is spent on the children, and no one is retaliated against for standing up for kids or good teaching. We shouldn't have such a high percentage of our students not mastering the general curriculum.

Sincerely, Pam Long-Bimberg

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