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At the regular Republican Club’s meeting Tuesday, guest speaker Larry Moore, recently elected Jackson County school superintendent, spoke of declining student population, changes in graduation rates and his support for the proposed K-8 schools complex to be at the original designated site.

According to Superintendent Moore graduation rates for Jackson County are just under the state figure of 80% (73%) and are forecast to get better.  Moore is pleased with the equitable education funding that is provided by the state.

Moore praised the bus drivers in particular.  “These drivers are responsible for the well-being of 5500 students every day.  They drive a combined total of about 5500 miles each school day, a distance equal to driving across the continent to the State of Washington, and they do it safely,” he continued.

Other figures bore out the declining student population.  “In 1950 the students numbered 10,000.  Today there are 6,400, and, with the drop in total residents, this figure will fall also,” Moore explained.

In answer to a question from the floor, he backs the locating of the new K-8 schools complex in the eastern location, citing costs already incurred and that the project stands high in possible funding in the coming legislative year.

(The Republican Club of Northwest Florida meets each second Tuesday at Jim’s Buffet at noon.  All who are interested in current affairs are welcome, regardless of political affiliation.)

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