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State tests show mixed results for Jackson District schools

State tests show mixed results for Jackson District schools

The Florida Department of Education released the results of recent End of Course (EOC) and Florida Standards (FSA) testing last week, showing mixed results for Jackson District schools; some did well and finished above state averages and some grades or schools performed below the state average level. 

“It depends on which principal you talk to,” District testing coordinator Shirl Williams said. The TIMES on Monday obtained a list of the general results from each school in Jackson County.  The tests were given to grades 3-10 in April.  Students must pass the EOC final exams in order to receive credit for that class.  

In news releases from DOE last week, officials said that although the tests were more difficult than in previous years, Panhandle students overall improved their scores from last year. DOE pointed out that most Florida schools had shown improvement from last year.  

At Marianna Middle School, almost all (93 percent) of the 8th grade Algebra I students performed above the state average score of 55.  Algebra I students at Grand Ridge (Middle) School also performed well; 88 percent of the Grand Ridge 8th graders made above average grades.  Students taking high school algebra at middle school level have tested into that class while in seventh grade.  This allows students to progress at a faster pace in high school.

There were some great scores out of Malone. In 3rd grade English Language Arts (ELA), 78 percent of Malone’s 4th grade students made above the average grade of 52. In 4th grade math, 92 percent of Malone students made above the state average score of 59. “Math” students in grades 3-8 all made above average scores.  History students at Malone also did well; 82 percent made above the average score of 66.

At Sneads High, all of the test results released last week showed above average scores; 9th grade ELA 59 percent above average, 10th grade ELA 51 percent, Algebra EOC 65 percent, Geometry EOC 52 percent, Algebra 2 EOC 52 percent, Biology EOC 67 percent and US History 75 percent. All the Sneads Elementary categories released last week were above average.

That’s some of the good news.  But at Marianna High School, all categories but one came in low. Coming in at below state average scores were 9th grade ELA (39 percent below state average); Algebra I End of Course (34 percent); Geometry (49 percent of the students had below average scores); Algebra 2 End of Course (25 percent); biology EOC (57 percent) and US History EOC (63 percent below average.) The end of course tests are marked as EOC; the FSA tests are listed by subject.  There were similar results at Graceville High School and Cottondale High.  At Graceville High, only the students in two categories: Civics (EOC) and 7th grade ELA, had scores above state average.  The US History students at Graceville High, 65 percent of them, graded below state average.  At Cottondale High, 64 percent on the Civics EOC test made below average scores, as did 58 percent of the US History students. 

Williams said administrators were meeting this week to compile a list of recommendations concerning the test results. 

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