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Climate Change

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I just finished reading “Getting It Right” in the April 30 issue of the Jackson County Times. I appreciate how difficult it must be to write an article of interest every week, I sure would not be up to that challenge. I also recognize that an editorial is someone’s opinion and not “hard” news. However, I do believe an editorial by a writer that “hopes to influence our opinions and actions” should verify any statement he presents as a fact. For example, under the Odds and Ends Worth Mentioning section, the writer writes, “I read where Duke University scientist have just published the findings of an extensive study on climate change…..they found that man has had no perceptible impact on these changes.” Duke University has such a good reputation for scientific studies that if this statement was true it would be huge news and the headline on many media outlets and it isn’t. I wish the writer would give the source of his information when he comes up these “nuggets” of information. I am sure many of his readers would like to read the source material and get the full story so that they can make an informed decision. Out of curiosity, I got on the Internet and did a search on “Duke University Climate Change.” Within seconds one of the options given was “Rush Limbaugh Duke University Climate Change.” This article found in Media Matters says that Mr. Limbaugh grossly distorted the Duke study. Scientist reviewing the Duke study “warn that the results are likely to be abused by the denialists and are being misrepresented willfully or through misunderstanding, by climate science contrarians, Limbaugh is a case in point in this regard.” My source for this information is: I believe the climate change debate is important and complicated and l believe we would all benefit from continuing to hear all sides of the argument even if they don’t agree with our preconceived notions. If the writer got his information from a source other than Rush Limbaugh I hope he will share that source as I have shared mine. John Trott, Marianna

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