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2014 Elections “Round One” Finished

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On Tuesday, August 26, the registered Democrats and Republicans of Jackson County completed the first phase of this year's elections as they decided which member of their clan would represent their party in November. The circuit judge winner was declared outright. In the November election, citizens will decide the winners between these party leaders and assorted candidates who are running as independents.

Supervisor of Elections Sylvia Stephens was pleased that the election process went smoothly all day. Voting totals were - 31.2% turnout of all eligible voters, with 31.9% of the eligible Republican voters taking part, and 34.4 % of the Democrats.

Highlights of the races included:

There were no changes in the Jackson County School Board races, with all incumbents recapturing their seats: Terry Nichols 59.4%, Charlotte Gardner 68.9%, and Chris Johnson 78.2 %.

In the hotly contested race for Circuit Judge, Shalene Grover won the Jackson county vote by a margin of 44.8% over incumbent Jim Fensom, 37.8 8%. However, in the 14th Judicial Circuit totals the final vote was Jim Fensom, 51%, Shalene Grover 31% and Gerald Virga finishing with 18%.

Other results of this primary election in Jackson County were:

Governor and Lt. Governor: Democrats--Charlie Crist 59.2 %; Republicans--Rick Scott (88.9)

Attorney General: Democrats-George Sheldon 66.7

State Representative, Dist 5: Republican Brad Drake 75.5%; Republican Jan Hooks 24.5 percent

Judge, 14th Judicial Circuit, Group 10: (Non-Partisan) Jim Fensom 51.0 %, Shalene Grover 31%, Gerald Virga 18%

County Commission Dist 2: Democrat - Edward Crutchfield 57.2%

County Comm. Dist. 4 Democrat Alvin Roberts 54.7% County Comm. Dist 4 – Republican Eric Hill 72.1%

In November the mid-term elections will be held. The Democratic favorites, the Republican favorites, and the incumbents will all come out with battle gear on, and ready for a final showdown. “Let the Battles Begin!”

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