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Letter of Gratitude for Russ House Decision

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Dear Editor: The following letter was recently delivered to each Marianna City Commissioner and each Jackson County Commissioner, Mr. Jim Dean, Marianna City Manager and Mr. Ted Lakey, Jackson County Administrator, expressing the appreciation of the members of the Chipola Historical Trust for the cooperative steps they took to allow The Russ House to remain in future public use for Marianna and Jackson County. We deeply appreciate all their efforts.

Dear Commissioners:

The Chipola Historical Trust would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the efforts that were made by the Marianna City Commissioners and the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners to look at the very important situation concerning The Russ House property, which resulted in saving The Russ House for public use.

Our organization is the only county group that is exclusively organized and dedicated to historical preservation and historical awareness. We deeply felt that saving this wonderful county icon was a very crucial decision which would affect Jackson County tourism for many years to come.

We are all very aware that tourists are drawn to The Russ House site as though it was a magnet, and the tours given there each day are done in a very professional manner, worthy of the dignity of the property and worthy of the pride of Jackson County residents. Tourists are fascinated!

With City and County ownership and the sharing of the Visitor’s Center for the TDC, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and eventually JCDC, you have put the organizations responsible for bringing tourists and outside development interests to Jackson County on a common ground for years in the future. What a wonderful plan.

Again, our deepest appreciation for a job well done! Please know that the Chipola Historical Trust stands ready to assist in any possible way to further the goals of these three organizations and to assist in any way possible where historical preservation and historical awareness is involved.

Most sincerely,

Patricia M. Crisp, President

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