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Get It Right - Gridiron Gazette

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Get It Right - Gridiron Gazette

Gridiron Gazette included in this weeks print edition

In this week's edition of The Times is the 2013 Gridiron Gazette. Some might wonder why this annual publication about the local football scene is coming out in the fourth week of the season as opposed to the preseason, which is when it normally comes out. Well I'll tell you why.

When folks glance through the Gazette it may appear that it would be easy to put together. Let me assure you that it is not. The planning process begins in late July and early August. Most area high school teams start practicing that first week of August and then within a week or two take team pictures. Some have an organized "media day" and others do not. And some let The Times know about these "media days" and some do not.

In most of the area schools, JV and middle school teams really don't get going until the week that school starts. That is also the same week that most of the high school varsity squads play their preseason games. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that getting photos, lineups and schedules for all of these teams that just started practicing and then getting that into a preseason publication is next to impossible.

Then throw in the bands and cheerleaders and you can just multiply all of these the challenges. In all there were 22 football teams, cheerleaders and bands throughout the county in which we had to get photos, rosters and schedules. It is no easy task. Some of the photos we took and other photos were sent to us. Sometimes it took several trips to the same locations in order to get a photo for the publication.

And making the challenge even greater this year are all the new faces that are in the key roles of heading up these 22 programs mentioned above. Of these 22 programs mentioned, 18 have a new coach or director. New faces are great for change and energizing programs. But 18 new faces are a killer for trying to put together the Gazette.

We finally managed to wrap it up, although it admittedly was later than any of us had hope. And I really can't take much of the credit for finally getting the Gazette done. Most of the credit has to go to Liz Jackson and Stephanie Parker. The finished product is a testament to their determination and dedication. It is also a testament to Stephanie's creative talents and will serve as a keepsake that players, coaches and family members can hang onto for years to come. So I hope that everyone enjoys the Gazette and will understand the delay in getting it out. Because rather than get it out on time and getting it wrong, we'd rather get it out late and to borrow a line from Sid Riley, Simply Put, get it right.

From the Front Porch: Uncle Bob's said behind every great man is a woman...rolling her eyes.

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