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Concerned American Patriots Present Pastor Eddie Eaton

Concerned American Patriots, who focus their efforts on the Constitution and conservative values, presented as their featured speaker Pastor Eddie Eaton at their regular meeting on February 18. Eaton is known as a Constitutional scholar and is retired from the Holmes County Sheriff's department as well as a certified weapons instructor.

Eaton's subject: "Gun Rights-Why the Controversy?" focused on gun rights of the law abiding citizen from a Constitutional, from the law of Nature and from the law enforcement perspective. The speaker made several points from the Constitutional perspective, the chief one centering around the Second Amendment. He stated that this is the only amendment that contains the words "Shall not be infringed upon", and referred the listeners to Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary which states that the meaning is "not to be broken nor violated".

Continuing in this same vein, Mr. Eaton gave the example from George Mason's 1788 writings that defined the Militia as "the whole people", because at that time almost every male inhabitant of the thirteen colonies not only possessed a firearm but knew how to use it. He also cited the U. S. Supreme Court ruling of June 28, 2008 that indicated the right to carry arms, as cited in the Second Amendment, was unconnected with the requirement that a militia be present.

Pastor Eaton moved on to the Bible with questions and answers. One is: Is it right to defend ourselves from physical attack? He answers with a most definitive "yes" and says that Matthew 5:38-39 is often cited out of context as meaning that a person is not to protect himself from personal attacks. He says that it means not to "get even".

Mr Eaton pointed to Luke 22:36-38, Jesus anticipated and expected them to carry swords.

The Concerned American Patriots meet monthly at the Agricultural Center on Highway 90 West, Marianna, Florida. Watch for notices of the meeting in the Jackson County TIMES and on their "Pickup Truck Signboard" just outside the city limits!

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