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Jackson County officially owns Endeavor, formerly Dozier Featured

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At Tuesday night’s regularly scheduled board meeting, the Board of County Commissioners voted to accept and record the deeds given them from the State of Florida by then Governor Rick Scott. The presentation of the deeds came at the last meeting, however, the Board wanted to clarify that the damage left at Endeavor by Michael would continue to be covered by the state’s insurance.  With that clarification made, Commissioner Eric Hill made the motion to accept the deeds with a second by Commissioner Jim Peacock. The vote passed unanimously. 

There are 1200 acres of property that now belongs to Jackson County. The state has requested that the electricity and the security be the responsibility of the county. These two items, along with insurance coverage will now fall into the county’s hands. The biggest change initially is the name from Dozier to Endeavor. 

About the delay in accepting the deeds, County Administrator Wilanne Daniels said, “There was some caution from the attorney at the last meeting and she just wanted to make sure it was appropriate and the time was right. She cleared that through the state and so they did formally accept it tonight.”

Daniels said of the name change, “That’s an intentional effort on the boards part to sort of rebrand the area, look to the future, put sort of the past behind us.”

With the name change, it is expected that the removal of the razor wire fencing will be replaced with something more in touch with the name change.  They want to do away with the security guard at the front entrance. Daniels said the vision is to bring the area back to life, “You know, you hear some people speak to that area, they remember the Christmas lights, and they remember the positive things the school brought. And then for others that may not be the memory. And so, I think, no matter what your memory of the area is, it would be to breathe life back into that space and redeem it and make it something really beautiful.”

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