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School board updated on storm damages to buildings Featured

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School board updated on storm damages to buildings

The Board asked Director of Facilities and Construction, Stuart Wiggins about the progress with the estimates and repairs to the buildings damaged by Hurricane Michael.  Wiggins said, “The bids were so close to my estimates, it was scary.”

School board member Chris Johnson asked for clarification from architect Paul Donofro, “Sneads High School auditorium and Sneads High School gymnasium, they are grossly different. Did somebody see something the other one didn’t see? Of course, if they get a contract, they are binding.”

Donofro explained that the prices delivered by C & C were much closer in line with what was expected. The prices delivered for those two buildings by Ducky Johnson offered nobody there from the company to answer any questions, so no questions could be asked.

Johnson inquired if the school board has ever done work with C & C. Stuart Wiggins said, “Yes, they have done several projects for us. As a matter of fact, they won the east/west bid last year. Been very happy with them. Chet Sherrer is the owner and he’s done a lot of work for us. For the last several, he’s been very, very low on them. As a matter of fact, he’s been lower than our estimates on most of them and for them to come in at what we, and I estimated at pre-hurricane prices. We’re right were I thought we would be prior to the storm.”

Johnson said, “I was concerned that our prices would not be anywhere, that they would be overly inflated. Next question, these are all storm related so, at some point in time, will we be getting insurance?”

Wiggins said, “Yes, that is correct. Yes, all this will be turned in to our insurance and as a matter of fact, I believe Mr. Moore has already gotten word about how much we can expect to be receiving from insurance. Mr. McDaniel was very pleased with our numbers from what we were going to turn in.”

Johnson asked if the gymnasium and auditorium would be first and Wiggins advised that they were on the start list and if the approval came in this meeting, they would proceed tomorrow. They’ll have 30 days to get the permits and will start as quickly as possible, “They’re ready to get this rolling.” 

Wiggins said, “If you vote to approve this tonight, they’ll have a notice to proceed tomorrow. They will have 30 days to get their permits and I’m not sure what the county’s doing with permits. I know the city has put theirs on hold, they’ll have 30 days. They’ll start as quick as possible, they’re ready to get this rolling.”

C & C has 75 days to complete the projects at Sneads High School. Donofro said they had a notice to proceed on December 1. 

Johnson said that there are a lot of classrooms that have been temporarily tarped. Wiggins said that was the second phase of the project and said that once Mr. Donofro had the specs ready, which should be within a few days and once the specs are ready, they will advertise. It is within statue that there will be an abbreviated advertising period so they can get the bids back to the board. They are hoping to get bids back to the board before Christmas. Wiggins went on to say that was for all the other commercial style roofing. Wiggins said, “We have a third phase that’s going to be more on the residential roofing, for the smaller portable buildings and that’ll be right behind that one. We hope to have everything under contract before Christmas break.”

Superintendent Larry Moore asked for the total number of roofs, with Wiggins saying, “It’s getting close to 60, we added a couple more smaller ones.”

Moore said, “Roofs, covered walkways and fencing are going to be our big-ticket items.”

Johnson said, “We can discuss this later, but we did discuss Thursday night a little but about Golson.”

Wiggins said, “The problem with Golson and it’s a good problem to have, is they tarped it immediately. So, it’s hard to evaluate how much damage the shingles have. I sent our roofers over to look at it and they tried. Prior to tarping it, the agency that came, Belfour said that the west plane of the west wing was in the worst shape. I asked them about the west plane of the east wing and they said, ‘Not so bad, it was just that one side that caught the reversed wind when it went by and blew a lot of shingles off.’ We’re hoping that we can just re-shingle that one side and patch the other. We will not know for sure, part of this bid is a unit price. I didn’t put it on the tally sheet you have. We did get a unit price for singles at $4.50 a square foot or $450 a square.”

Johnson commented that the price was outrageous, that $200 a square was fair.

Wiggins said that before the storm, the price was $375.”

Johnson said that the price was still outrageous and that three-tab shingles could be purchased for less than $100 a square and normally you would double the price with the price it costs to put them on.”

Wiggins agreed saying, “I think you’re right Mr. Johnson, the prices did go up some from the storm. Prior to the storm, they were around $350. We’ve specified three-tab JAF, but the comment that was made in the pre-bid by the gentleman who won the bid, ‘I can buy the architectural for the same price as the three-tab.’ He’s going to use the architectural, he said they go up faster and quicker and they look better.”

Mr. Moore asked Mr. Wiggins to comment on the process with PAEC and the FEMA consultant, Wiggins said they had met last week to evaluate RFPs for the FEMA consultants. They had 11 submitted and rated ten of them. PAEC will choose the top three this week and then the school board will make a choice between the top three that they want to use. Wiggins said, “I can’t remember all three of them, there were some that were extremely talented and had been used throughout the southeast for many, many storms. We got some good names to chose from, I’ll get wit Mr. Moore when these three are approved and go over what we discussed with each of them.” 

Johnson pointed out to the board that the consultants may also be doing other work for some of the local impacted cities and he appreciated having three applicants to choose from and that if one gets it all then he or she may be spread a little thin.

Wiggins said that some of the agencies have about 100 agents and there were some that had 50 or 60 and added that one agency having 320 agents and they covered disasters all over the world. 

The motion passed unanimously.

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