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Hurricane Michael doesn’t stop MHS art students

Hurricane Michael doesn’t stop MHS art students

The MHS Art Department has completed their fourth mural since students have been in the new high school.

The first mural represents sports and the second represents the fine and performing arts. The third mural was a smaller 2015 homecoming mural with the theme, Mythical Marianna, that was meant to be repainted every year with each new homecoming theme. However, this mural remains because so many people wanted us to leave it on the wall. 

A small group of my current art students, who are now seniors, remembered (as freshmen) the advanced art students working on the Mythical Marianna mural. This group of students has wanted to be involved in a mural painting ever since.  Fortunately, this year’s homecoming theme, Decades of the Dogs, was quite conducive to a permanent mural. So, the small group of now senior art students, with the addition of two juniors and one alumna, finally got the opportunity to leave their mark on the walls of MHS! 

The decades chosen for homecoming were the 1920s, 1950s, 1970s and 1980s. I spotted the large wall on F-wing, near the cafeteria, and began planning the mural. Knowing we would be working evenings and weekends and wouldn’t have enough time to complete all sections of the wall before homecoming, I decided to start with the center section, the 50s and 70s, for now and then complete the mural by adding the 20s and 80s near the end of school and into the summer. 

Although Hurricane Michael hit before homecoming and made it necessary for homecoming to be postponed, I strongly felt the need to complete the first phase of the mural before we started back to school in order provide a little ray of sunshine to brighten everyone’s return to school. There was also an unplanned positive outcome of us working during the time the school was a shelter, which was witnessing the pleasure the mural painting process brought to numerous red cross volunteers and to those residing at the shelter. What a valuable learning experience this endeavor has been for everyone involved! 

Those students who participated in this endeavor were Seniors - Ezekiel Blount, Autumn Heatrice, Madison Retherford, Natalie Sims, Juniors - Meagan Pelham, Alex Roper, Alumna - Emily Stone.

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