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1st APPEARANCE – September 6, 2018

  • Rodneshia Jones: no driver’s license - $10,000 bond; hold for Bay County – no bond; violation of pre-trial intervention – revoke bond; giving false name to law enforcement officer - $10,000 bond
  • Santis Griffin: trafficking cocaine - $100,000; trafficking methamphetamine - $100,000; trafficking MDMA - $100,000; possession of marijuana with intent to sell - $10,000; resisting arrest without violence - $5,000; possession of controlled substance - $10,000; $325,000 bond; hold for 14 days
  • James Harp: violation of state probation - $4,000 bond
  • Davis Alday: burglary of structure or conveyance 2 counts - $7,500 x 2, $15,000 bond; hold for Washington County – no bond for Washington County
  • Forrest Ames: hold for Bay County – no bond
  • Franklin Darrah: violation of community control, criminal mischief of church – State Attorney Office kept complaint; burglary with structural damage, fleeing and attempting to elude, resisting arrest without violence, driving while license suspended or revoked habitual – no probable cause; petit theft – no bond on violation of community control, no bond for 24 hours for officer to amend complaint
  • Mycolla Akins: public assistance fraud, violation of conditional release – reinstate on conditional release, do not miss calling in any more
  • Carl Richardson: driving while license suspended or revoked – leave sentence the same, county time served 2 days
  • Richard Elheart: violation of state probation – taken into custody


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