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Malone, Alford, Campbellton receive D.O.T. SCOP grants Featured

Malone, Alford, Campbellton receive D.O.T. SCOP grants

Three Jackson County towns are the recipient of five paving grants.  Alford and Campbellton both received one grant each with Malone racking up three grants.  

The grants are from D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) SCOP (Small Community Outreach Program)

Campbellton received $183,665.00 for the paving of Dothan Street.  This street has been a continuing issue with temporary repairs not able to keep up with the traffic utilizing the road. 

Alford received $498,851.00 for the paving of 3rd Avenue that will bring relief to drivers who frequent that road and have to endure potholes and needed repairs that the town could not afford to make.

Malone was a big winner when they were notified of funds totaling $690,409.03 for the paving of three streets. Project one is 12th Avenue with 7th Street listed as project two receiving much needed funds. Project three the resurfacing of 9th Street. 

Malone was also the recipient of $474,000.00 for the Water Management Sewer grant for Malone School, bring the total to over $1 million ($1,164.409.03).

The gifts won’t stop this year with Cottondale, Graceville and Sneads in line for grants next year. Cottondale will receive $252,895.76 for the paving of Church Street and Magnolia.  Graceville will receive $599,614.15 for the paving of 12th Street while Sneads will be the biggest winner with $742,964.40 for repairs and paving to Keever Road. 

Malone Mayor Gene Wright was nothing but smiles when he received the news as was the town council when they were told of their windfall at the Town Council meeting Tuesday evening, “This is just great.  Melvin Engineering has done a fantastic job of putting the pen on the paper and Malone is definitely the benefactor of their hard work.  You know, Malone is a small town, we are a great town, but we don’t have the revenue to fund projects of this magnitude, so we’ve just been patching as best as we can. To get something like this and to get them back-to-back is super for our town.  Many thanks to D.O.T., David Melvin Engineering and the Town Council for all they do for our town.”

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