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Be Inspired brings newspapers to new life Featured

Be Inspired brings newspapers to new life

Everyone knows newspapers are for reading, wrapping glass, packing and great for use with pets. Tori Willis took newspapers to a whole new level last week during her ‘Journalism Camp’ for the campers attending Be Inspired during their summer vacation. 

This past week 35 campers learned all about newspapers – from the reporters who write the stories, those who type and set the pages, the one who print them and those who deliver the finished product. The Times paid a visit Friday to conclude their week and answer questions the campers had carefully thought through during the week.  The most asked question, “What kind of ink do you use?”  Good questions – I wish I had known the answer!  Curious youngsters had many other very detailed questions like how do you get your stories? Who takes your pictures? How long does it take you to write a story? What is the best story you have ever written? What is the worst story you have ever written?

Following the presentation, question and answer period, I was shown the many, many items made from newspapers by these tiny hands.  There was a house with a loft, chairs, tables, trinket boxes and sailboats. All were fully constructed of newspaper. 

The fashion show put on by the campers took it to the next level for certain. There were dresses, shorts, shirts, masks, and to top it off – shoes, all made with newspapers (and a little glue of course).  The shoes were what we commonly call slides. And they were worn with no problems whatsoever.  One of the cuter fashion statements was a pair of shorts and as you can see in the picture included with this article, the TIMES “Kid’s Corner” page made one leg of the shorts. 

I was totally in awe of the job done by Tori Willis and her staff engaging the students in the depth of learning about newspapers in just five days. The questions were right on the money, asking who, what, when, where, and how, as well as the inner workings of the newspaper.

Willis says the learning fun doesn’t stop when school is in session.  Be Inspired has plans for a ‘Back to School Club’ where she and her staff will assist with homework and checking their work as well as adding an ‘art’ day, along with other positive activities. Her goal is to make a difference in the life of a child, one child, one activity at a time.  

For more information you may visit Be Inspired at 2976 Penn Avenue or call (850)526-2611.

The TIMES appreciates the opportunity to speak to this awesome group of campers. 

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