#9 Holden House

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#9 Holden House

This unique home, today in its original setting, was built in 1849 - 1850 by an Anderson family. It was sold to Dr. J.T. Holden, a cousin at a later date.   The house was built of yellow "heart pine" and was originally stained a natural color while the shutters were stained a deep wine color.

Dr. Holden was, for many years, an indispensable Marianna physician, and his direct descendants lived in the house until their deaths.

During the 1980's and 1990's the house was occupied by CRT computers, Inc. A medical group purchased the home in 2000 for use as medical offices.

Even though the home was occupied by Union soldiers during the Battle of Marianna, it was not seriously damaged.

Cited from Self-Guided Tour of the Marianna Area.  Presented by Main Street Marianna and Chipola Historical Trust Jackson County Florida

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