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The Longwood House

These houses are in the western part of Greenwood.

The house belonging to the estate of James Hayes was built in 1849 by E. George.  The house is built entirely of heart pine lumber.  The simple frame house is structurely fitted together with wooden pegs and square cut nails.  The interior plan of the house features four large rooms, two of each side of the central entrance hall.  Each room has its own fireplace.  When the house was built, the kitchen was not part of the hosue.  In 1860, a kitchen was added to the rear of the original structure and architecturally designed for the house.  

According to present known records, the house has had many owners in its long history.  In 1867, the house belonged to Margaret Hunter, who sold it to Nepoleon Long.  Therafter, the house belonged to the Long family for many generations.  Some of its owners were Napoleon Riley, Cicero and Paul Long.  In 1947, Paul Long sold the house to Wallace Pender.  Mr. Pender and his family lived in the house for 24 years and sold it in 1970 to Aaron Burdick.

Mr. and Mrs. Garland Basford bought the house in 1971.  The Basfords began the restoration in October of 1975.  With the assistance of Mr. Coulliette, they completely restored the house.

The Basfords chose to call the house "Longwood" in tribute to the Long family, who owned the house for most of its 127 years.  The house faces Fort Road in the western part of Greenwood.

The house is now owned by P. D. Anderson  Cited from:

Longwood-House-PhyllisBrook Anderson Bowman, who owns both houses, has an abstract going back to January 5, 1839 which shows John Syfrett, who built the Erwin House, received a grant from the government on that date for 160 acres.

He sold 280 acres to Mary Robert on December 15, 1851 for $1,600. There were several other owners following.

Henry Bryan sold 190 acres to James Hays February 28, 1854. Mr. Hays was killed in battle in North Georgia on January 1, 1864 and his wife, Sara Ann, then became the sole owner of the property. She owned it until 1872 when a foreclosure was made on it. At that time Frank Phillip surveyed the property and divided it into small plots and made a map of the property. Mrs. Hays passed away on January 20, 1879.

I am bringing this part of the history in to show what typically happened to the planters under carpet bagger rule (1865-1872) which was known as the second rebellion in which there were 150 unsolved murders in Jackson County.

Phyllis DeLong Anderson, Brook's mother bought the house from Joy and Garland Basford in 1981. She and her husband were from the Utah-Wyoming area. They migrated to Michigan and later bought property in south Florida. They maintained the two homes until Mr. Anderson passed away. Then she decided to sell both of those houses and settle in this area. In house hunting, she came across the Longwood house and noted the people were loading their furnishings to move away. She bought the house that day. She passed away in June 2008 at the age of 97 which at that time Brook Bowman inherited the house and is proud to live in it!


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