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The Baptist Church Cemetery

The Baptist Church Cemetery

This plot was used by the Bryan family for burials before the Baptist Church moved to this location. We are dealing with the "old" part of the cemetery which is on the north side of the building.

In the overall view the tallest monument is a tribute to Elijah, the father of the clan. He died at the age of 59 in 1852. His wife Elizabeth Penelope died at the age of 62 in 1870. Her grave is by his marker. They married in Jan 1824. She was 44 years of age when he died. She bore 14 children by the time of his death. The last, Elizabeth (Lizzie) was born in 1852. She married Mr. E.T.C. Dickenson. Their home was built in 1882 and is directly across the street from the cemetery.

As we go nearer to the beginning point of the grave yard we see the next tallest marker which is dedicated to Hamilton and his wife Christiana M. Barnes. The slab covering his grave indicates Hamilton died in Eminence, KY. In the foreground are slabs identifying some of their children and their spouses.

Here we are at the very beginning just to the left of Hamilton's grave. Little Tom was the first to be buried. His is the round top stone on the right. Notice the wood foot marker. It is sound and solidly implanted. I believe it is of virgin pine and is the original marker as the virgin pine can withstand the weather for a very long time.

The marker reads:

Thomas Barnes the only child of H.G. and C.M. Bryan
Born Feb 18, 1858 Died April 4, 1859
The broken marker reads:
Infant Son of H.G. and C.M. Bryan
Born Nov 4, 1862 Died Jan 4, 1863

The second burial was of
Rev. J.H. Wombwell.
He was born Sept 27, 1822 and died July 18, 1859. (Left)
We conclude with J.M.F. Erwin and his wives, both of whom were daughters of Elijah and Elizabeth Bryan. Next week we will visit their home.

I have chosen these pictures to show how important these people considered their heritage to be and also to give the historical development of the cemetery. It is an interesting place to visit, especially if you are interested in genealogy.

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