The Hayes-Long Mansion

Located side by side with the Mae Pender Harrell Home on the west side of Bryan Street (Hwy 71) as you exit Greenwood going north.

James Hayes was the builder of the Hayes-Long home. This is the same Hayes mentioned in writings regarding Longwood. The early history of both houses would be the same as the Green House and Longwood.

The Hayes-Long Mansion in Greenwood was built int he 1840's by James Hayes.  In 1885 the home was sold to Ada and William Garrett.  In 1907 the Garretts sold the home to R. W. Coulliette.

S.V. Wall, Jr. and Hay Long Wall bought the home in 1912.  In 1913 the home was sold to W. H. Long at this time W. H. Long faced athe wooden home with old brick.

The Longs were pioneers of Jackson County.  It is said Nicholas Long outfitted, by his own resources, a company of soldiers for the American Revolution.  He served as a Colonel, later Deputy Quarter Master General.  His son served as a Captain in the American Revolution.  In 1841 Dr. George Franklin Baltzell married Rebecca Hill Long.  Thomas Baltzell and Richard Harrison Long were both signers of the Florida Constitution.

The Hayes-Long Mansion was in the Long family for 63 years before it was sold by Billy Hay Williams, great-granddaughter of the Longs, to David Walters.  The mansion is now owned by the Don DeMichele family.  Cited from:  

Don and Rosalind DeMichele bought the house in 1994. They have done an excellent job of restoring it and maintaining it. They added the garage, the outdoor dining area and the wrought iron entry gate. This gate came from the carpenters union hall in Lakeland and was installed about two years ago.

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