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A Community Comes Together

It has often been said “It takes a community to raise a child.” This past weekend, a community came together for a local farm family in a way like no other community could have. Jackson County has always been known for its giving families, individuals, and businesses. The Todd Mason family has been plagued with misfortune due to an illness to Todd. This marks his eighth week of being unable to tend to his 300 acre farm due to hospitalization.

The family received word this week that Todd will undergo surgery Friday. Results of that surgery are uncertain but the family, and a community of family, friends, and supporters are prayerful it will turn out well. With all this going on, wife Amy has had to juggle time on the road back and forth to Birmingham with two children, both who are in school. Their son Bradley is ten years old and their daughter Olivia Kate is five.

Tears rolled Saturday when they were notified that seven farming families, using their own equipment, and bringing helpers and laborers were gathering at the Campbellton farm to gather Todd’s peanuts. The day was long but everyone there were more than happy to have done this.

David DeFelix played a huge part in making this happen and was more than glad to have done it, “Todd would’ve done the same thing for any of us here. He was more than happy to help anyone in need. I was glad to be there and glad to see the turnout we had.”

Farms that were represented were Timmy Lassiter with Lassiter Farms, Dexter Gilbert with Gilbert Farms, Christopher Dietrich with Dietrich Farms, David DeFelix with DeFelix Farms.

Those who came to work were Rob Burke, Jeff Fowler, Skyler Singletary, Islam Birtt, Alan, Lonnie Gilbert, Jason Fowler, Brandon Pippin, Alan Holley, Aaron Taylor, Gerald Mason, Chad Mason, Reggie Britt, Kim DeFelix, Trent DeFelix.

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