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Malone’s Kim King goes outside the box

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Kim King Kim King

It’s been said the best evidence of a good teacher who gives 110% every day is from her students and her peers.  With that being said. Malone’s Kim King would be at the top of the list.  King has been teaching for decades (she started as a child) and has been highly requested by not only parents but students.   She began teaching at Malone School in August of 1996 and has become a fixture in the elementary school.  

When Shelley Allen Hoffman was entering fourth grade, she was delighted to find out that “Mrs. King” would be her teacher.  She was so excited that she typed her a two-page letter.  Recently, 18 years later, Mrs. King gave a copy of that letter to Shelley’s dad.  Shelley had typed the letter at her mom’s work on what appeared to be a typewriter.  She was very clear about her goals, that she liked to write, and that she was very happy with her class.  How many teachers have letters or other similar items that many years later?  That speaks volumes for Mrs. King.  

Today, Mrs. King is still impacting children much the way she did two decades ago.  She constantly looks for ways to challenge her students to embrace learning.  In order to do that, she strives to think outside the box and provide assignments that not only teach academics but life’s lessons.  

Last year, Mrs. King turned a reading lesson into an unforgettable experience for her class of fourth graders.  Their reading lesson led to the question, “How can starting a business help others?”  Her students embraced this question and went into full operation mode, putting a plan together to have a bake sale with the proceeds benefiting Chipola Family Ministries.  They met with their teacher, Mrs. King, and school principal, Doug Powell, to share their plans and were given the go ahead.  After two weeks of preparation and hard work, they held their bake sale on September 24th.  The sale was very successful with the class being able to bless the ministry with a loving donation of $465.52.  The students were elated to have Mr. Fred Cook, CFM Director, personally visit their classroom so they could present the donation and give him the wonderful story behind this sweet endeavor.  What a true lesson of showing compassion and love for others.

Linda Harris works with King at Malone, “Kim is an excellent teacher.  She has high expectations, and finds a way to help each and every child meet those expectations.  She is an excellent role model for coworkers also, always encouraging others in their endeavors.”

Principal Doug Powell know what it takes to teach and he sings her praises loudly, “I don’t know that I’ve ever been as proud as I was last year when DOE (Department of Education) recognized Mrs. King as a high performing teacher.  At Malone we all know what she can do and we witness it every day with her students.  But for DOE to recognize it, that was awesome and no one is more deserving.  She has compassion for her students and has a way to pull the very best from them.  They want to do great things for her, she has that impact on her students.  Malone is blessed to have her for sure.”

Kudos to Kim King for her unending devotion to her students, school, and her profession from the Jackson County Times.

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