Chipola College Introduces its Tenth President!

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Dr Hurst with his wife Alis Dr Hurst with his wife Alis

With Anna Williams at the grand piano and Will Glover manning the drums, Chipola College presented its tenth president, Dr. Jason Hurst to the public at a drop-in reception in the lobby of the Chipola Center for the Arts on April 8. The music was from earlier days to the present. The tenth president will be carrying forward the tradition of the College from its origin just after World War II and into the future, a future that may well include more four year baccalaureate programs and, just as importantly, more courses in vocational and technical skills that will prepare the area’s young people for fulfilling lives.

Dr. Hurst was made president on April 1 by an act of the district Board of Trustees. The Board selected him to replace Dr. Gene Prough, who had retired on the day before. Hurst came to Chipola in November 2011 as Vice President of Baccalaureate and Workforce Development, and was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2013.

Prior to Chipola Hurst served as Vice President for Workforce Education and Academic Support at Pensacola State College. He was, before his duty at Pensacola, Director of Workforce Development and Director of the Talladega Center. He also was the assistant dean of Workforce Development at Gadsden (Alabama) Community College. He earned his doctorate at Mississippi State University, his masters from Auburn and his bachelor of Education from Athens State University.

Dr. Hurst and his wife Alisa have three children: Hayden, Halle and Hunter.

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