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Chipola officials plant historical tree

Chipola officials plant historical …

Chipola College officials...

Marianna Toyota construction is ahead of schedule

Marianna Toyota construction is ahe…

For those going by Marian...

Jackson County Commissioners address debris

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Possibility of additional graves uncovered at former Dozier School for Boys

Possibility of additional graves un…

Jackson County Board of C...

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Chipola officials plant historical tree

Chipola College officials hosted a tree-planting ceremony April 16 to plant a white oak descended from a tree growing at the home of President James Monroe.

The tree was presented by Jeff Trammell, Rector Emeritus of the College of William and Mary, which owns Monroe’s Highland home in Virginia. Jeff’s brother, Robert Trammell, is an alumnus of Chipola College and one of its most ardent supporters.

In a letter to Chipola President Dr. Sarah Clemmons, Jeff Trammell said, “It is the honor of the College of William and Mary, the nation’s oldest public university, to present to Chipola College, an institution which shares the mission of public education, this tree which derives from the home of William and Mary alumnus, President James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States. This tree forges a link between Chipola and the nation’ s legacy of public education. Most importantly, it symbolizes the importance of education and the opportunity it provides all Americans. Monroe’ s home, Highland, from which this oak originated, is owned by the College of William and Mary and is located in Albermarle County, Virginia. This tree is from an acorn from the magnificent white oak at Highland, which was there when Monroe built his home in 1799 and remains healthy today.”

Chipola College was established in 1947. Hurricane Michael forever changed the landscape of the college. The 130-acre campus, once known for moss-draped oaks, towering pines and beautiful hickory trees, now has only a few small trees scattered across 


Chipola President Dr. Sarah Clemmons is committed to bringing trees back to the campus with a Memorial Tree Project. Friends and alumni are helping to re-forest the college through the project. More than 24 donors have purchased trees for the project, including an anonymous gift of $10,000.  The initial planting included 100 trees including: sweetgum, yellow poplar, overcup (white) oak, red maple, redbud, dogwood and dahoon holly.

Checks may be delivered in person, or mailed to: Chipola College Foundation, 3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL, 32446. For information, visit or phone 718-2478.

Marianna Toyota construction is ahead of schedule

For those going by Marianna Toyota on Penn Avenue, they’ve seen the progress on the new state-of-the-art facility being built.  The TIMES talked with David Cumbie and Jorge Garcia this week and they were pleased to let everyone know construction is ahead of schedule. 

When Hurricane Michael came through in October, there was apprehension that work might be delayed due to the damages in Jackson County pulling workers in different directions. That has not been the case at Marianna Toyota.

Cumbie and Garcia said Monday they are optimistically projecting to be in their new building by the end of summer, late August or early September.  At present they are operating in temporary buildings and have become very tolerant of closer quarters for offices. The new building is nearing drying in, with glass installed, doors ready for installation and air conditioning and heating ready to be installed. Once the doors are installed, the drying in will be complete so that the work can begin on the inside walls.

Garcia wants everyone to know that they are open, operating full steam ahead with great deals going on. He invites everyone to come out and take a look at the latest Toyotas and their used cars they have available. As always, Jorge says, “If you can come to us, we will drive it to you.”

Possibility of additional graves uncovered at former Dozier School for Boys

Jackson County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Clint Pate received the following letter from Governor Ron DeSantis on April 10, 2019:

“Dear Chairman Pate:

It has come to my attention that during a ground pollution cleanup of a site located near the former Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, anomalies consistent with possible graves have been discovered. I write to you today to establish a line of communication and provide assurance that my administration is dedicated to collaboratively determining the best course of action.

In late 2017, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) contracted with a company, Gyosyntech, to clean up the polluted site as part of DEFs Petroleum Restoration Program. Given the history of this site, a subcontractor conducted a survey of the land using ground penetrating radar prior to engaging in any cleanup activities.

According to a report developed by Gyosyntech, and received by DEP on March 26,2019, the radar revealed twenty-seven "anomalies" consistent with possible graves. Since the discovery, cleanup efforts have consisted of soil sampling and placing three monitoring wells carefully to avoid the anomalies. The report, which details the circumstances surrounding the discovery, is attached to this letter for your reference.

After reviewing the report, I have directed the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Management Services, the Department of State and the Department of Economic Opportunity to work with Jackson County to develop a path forward. Representatives of these agencies will be reaching out to meet with County officials as the first step to understanding and addressing these preliminary findings.

I look forward to working together and offer my full support and partnership to ensure this issue is handled with the utmost sensitivity and care.” 

The burial ground was found inside a thick pine forest on the campus of Florida’s oldest reform school, Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. When clearing property after Hurricane Michael, 27 anomalies that could possibly be graves found outside Dozier’s Boot Hill Cemetery. 

The board and administrator Wilanne Daniels released the following statement concerning the above letter, “We have received the report and are studying the information and findings. We will be working with our State Agency partners to determine the next steps.”

Chipola softball claims Panhandle Conference Championship

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The Chipola softball team has once again claimed another Panhandle Conference Championship making that a total of nine since Belinda Hendrix took over as Chipola’s head coach. Add to that seven FCCAA Region VIII Championship and two National Titles under the Hendrix reign and it goes without saying Chipola is a dynasty in the softball world.

This year they claim the 2018-19 conference championship and have dominated the diamond.  Prior to conference play, they outscored their opponents 235-41 runs while picking up a 25-3 record. They shut out their opponents 12 times, had 17 games end in five innings with one game ending in six innings. The Lady Indians didn’t let up in conference play winning 15 games before they fell short by one run, giving them a 15-1 conference record. They outscored their conference opponents 154-59 with two games ending in five innings. Chipola won a 10-inning match up against Gulf Coast 3-2 to keep their win streak alive at 12 games.  The Lady Indians are scheduled to complete conference play Sunday with games at Pensacola Monday, at home Tuesday, on the road Friday before ending at home against Northwest Florida State Sunday at 3 p.m. 

Chipola shuts out Tallahassee in game one

The Lady Indians shutout the Tallahassee Lady Eagles 13-0 in game one. 

They plated three runs in the first, five in the second, four in the third and one in the fourth inning while outhitting TCC 15-1.

Ally Clegg led her team in hits with four, including two HOMERUNS, five RBIs and four runs scored. Candela Figueroa, Eila Infante, Amy Woodham and Sydney Mclain had two hits each including a HOMERUN by Figueroa. Figueroa added an RBI and three runs scored to her stats. Infante had two runs scored, with Amy Woodham picking up five RBIs. Haley Sandridge, Lauren Finch and Christine Marsland had one hit each. Finch had an RBI and two runs scored, with Sandridge and Marsland scoring one run each. On board with an RBI was Mikayla Lewin. 

Amy Woodham went the distance and picked up the win for Chipola. In five innings of work, Woodham allowed no earned runs on one hit, three walks and eight strikeouts.  

Lady Indians defeat TCC 

The Chipola Lady Indians took a 10-2 win in game two against the Lady Eagles in just five innings. 

Chipola scored three runs in the first inning, three in the third, two in the fourth and two in the fifth. The Lady Indians out hit their opponent 9-2.

Leading her team with two homeruns was Ally Clegg and added four RBIs with three runs scored.  Tammie Lijbers and Taylor Scala both had two hits each. Lijbers and Scala each scored a run, with Lijbers also picking up an RBI. Lauren Finch, Eila Infante and Amy Woodham each had a hit, with Finch sailing her hit over the fence. Finch and Infante each had an RBI and a run scored. Woodham checked in with two RBIs in game two. Madison Kent scored two runs with Haley Sandridge right behind her with one run scored. 

Brianna Bailey went the distance in the circle and picked up the win for the Lady Indians. Bailey gave up two earned runs on two hits, four walks and no strikeouts. 

Chipola softball wins again 

The Chipola Lady Indians picked up their 15th conference win last week against Northwest. Chipola handed the Lady Raiders a 13-5 loss.

The Lady Indians scored four runs in the first, two in the second, six in the third and one in the fifth. They also out hit Northwest by a slim 10-9. 

Sydney Mclain led the team with three hits, including two HOMERUNS, four RBIs and three runs scored. Mikayla Lewin, Candela Figueroa, Haley Sandridge, Ally Clegg, Lauren Finch and Amy Woodham each had a hit, with Lewin sending her hit over the fence for a HOMERUN. Lewin and Figueroa added two RBIs and two runs scored to their stats. Sandridge had a run scored, with Clegg on board with two RBIs and a run scored. Finch and Woodham had a run scored each with Finch picking up an RBI. Eila Infante and Taylor Scala scored one run each. 

Amy Woodham was in the circle for Chipola and picked up the win. In five innings, Woodham allowed four earned runs on 10 hits, two walks and sat six batters down on strikes. 

Lady Indians drop heartbreaker to Northwest

The Chipola softball team dropped their first conference game last week to Northwest Florida State. The Lady Indians took the slim 13-12 loss, despite out hitting the Lady Raiders 17-14.

Eila Infante led with three hits and three runs scored. Candela Figueroa, Haley Sandridge, Ally Clegg, Mikayla Lewin, Amy Woodham and Sydney Mclain had two hits each, with Figueroa getting the crowd on their feet with a HOMERUN. Figueroa had four RBIs and two runs scored, Haley Sandridge had a run scored, with Ally Clegg scoring three runs. Lewin had three RBIs, Amy Woodham was on board with two RBIs and a run scored. Mclain added an RBI and a run scored to her stats. Lauren Finch and Tammie Lijbers had a hit each, with Finch picking up an RBI. Jadia Jones also had a run scored. 

Brianna Bailey started in the circle for Chipola. In three and one-third innings, Bailey gave up four earned runs on nine hits, three walks and four strikeouts. Payton Clark came in for one and two-thirds innings, surrendering five earned runs on four hits, a walk and no strikeouts. Yoshie Omori came in for the last one and one-third innings and allowed one earned run on two hits, no walks and no strikeouts.

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