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Waste Pro Comes to Marianna

After soliciting bids for the trash collection franchise within the City of Marianna, the Marianna City Commission has voted to change the service provider from Waste Management to Waste Pro. The change will be effective January 1, 2013.

Waste Management has sent notifications to all commercial and residential accounts that they will be picking up their trash collection containers during the last week of December. During that same period of time, the new provider, Waste Pro, will be putting out their containers for each user.

City Manager, Jim Dean, discussed the change during his presentation to the Marianna Rotary Club on Wednesday. Dean stated that Waste Pro will be opening an office in Marianna to enhance service. Dean also stated that the trucks used for collection will use manual dumping instead of the mechanical arm dumping used by Waste Management. Hopefully this will reduce spillage. Also, Dean said they have agreed to on occasion, pick up extra refuse left alongside the regular container when the container is inadequate.

Dean also stated that commercial and residential customers should eventually realize a small reduction in their cost of collection service, due to the new contract pricing.

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