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Graham Air Force Base - what is a contract school (Part 2)

  • Written by  Staff

The concept of contract pilot training began with the advent of WWII. Under the guidance of General Hap Arnold, 56 schools, including Graham Aviation, trained 200, 000 pilots for the Air Force.

Again in 1950 the Air Force became interested in contracting its primary training and one of its strongest proponents, Maj. Gen. G.P. Disosway fostered the reactivation of this type training.

To quote from FTAF’s Contract School Report: “Perhaps no other single development has had greater impact on training than contractor operations. Contract flying training has been developed into a major program by the Flying Training AF and today the USAF is the acknowledged leader in utilization of contractor skills and resources. The many benefits of contractor training - - - stability, economy, development and retention of instructor experience--to name only a few-- insure continuation of contractor training.

…and where do I fit?

Basically, you fill one of two roles at Graham Air Base: either “training” or “support. “ You are perhaps the pilot who teaches navigation to the Air Force’s newcomer. . .or the desk pilot who helps him navigate through an Air Force career with well-kept records. On the pages that follow, you will see YOURSELF. . . a part of the Graham picture as you train, or assist, the primary AF student.

general administration

“Headquarters” has two meanings at GAB. Besides the headquarters that houses Graham Aviation’s general administration, there are the military-support employees who assist the 3300th staff. Many of them fill posts in the “other headquarters, “ a twin building next door to the civilian building; others are in the Air Force clinic. “Where do you fit?” On these pages, you manage or assist at the hub of a many-spoked circle.

CIVILIAN HEADQUARTERS: audits, accounts, books, payrolls, records, publications and personnel

military support

assistance for the Air Force’s medical officers and its administration staff in military headquarters: mail, records, statistics and personnel.


time and $ savers for your work day

MANY FACILITIES at GAB inject convenience into your working week. One of the key services shared by military and civilian personnel is the centrally located Canteen, where you will find a “small town drugstore” with short orders and sundries. The same building also houses: LAUNDRY and Cleaning Service with three- day service; POST OFFICE and Western Union; BARBER SHOP and shoe-shine shop.

YOUR MEALS are a pleasant experience at GAB. Murals, modern decor, mood music, and the finest menus in the Air Force--that’s the economical Consolidated Dining Hall. Bring your family and friends.


YOUR CAR can be serviced (and at a saving) while you work - - - at the Air Base Service Station.

YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to charity--you aren’t bothered by solicitors at GAB. If you join the Graham Employees Welfare Fund, you pay 40 cents to $1. 50 per month--a sum that is multiplied by your hundreds of co-workers--and help the needy throughout the nation. A representative from your department serves on the Fund’s executive board.

YOUR TRAILER, if you’re a mobile-home-owner, can be parked in the wooded on-base Trailer Park and utilize its many low-cost conveniences.

YOUR ROOM, if you’re a bachelor and want to live on base, can be a few steps from your office. BOQ rooms are inexpensive, offer many advantages.

YOUR SAVINGS can bring you more than 4% a year-- as a member of the GAB Employees’ Credit Union. It also offers low-interest loans to its members.

food services

Three thousand meals a day - - - planned, prepared, served and cleared by you who have made the two Graham dining halls among the finest in the US Air Force. YOU give to Graham Air Base: HEALTH


More than 20 thousand lines of items fill the bins of the building --a continual flow through your efficient hands: ordering, receiving, recording, delivering, shipping. You keep an entire air base stocked with its needs, from pins to props. YOU give to Graham Air Base: EQUIPMENT.

base maintenance

YOU are the men who made GAB an Air Force show- place. You constructed with care and, with the same care, keep the base an ideal place to live, to work, to play. You contribute to each new building’s construction, and keep lawns manicured, vehicles maintained, and each room gleamingly clean, lighted, temperature-controlled and attractive.


You are the men who make GAB a safe place to live and work - - - it is the training you give, the protection you offer, that fireproofs our habits and habitats. It is your highly-trained presence on the line that means swift assistance to the Graham pilot in an emergency. YOU give to Graham Air Base: FIRE PROTECTION


If you wear the badge of a GAB security officer, you hold our automatic respect. It is you who, with detailed registration of firearms and cars and people, and with close check of each base visitor, make GAB a safe home. YOU give to Graham Air Base - - of course - - SECURITY.


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