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The Chipola River

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One of Jackson County's finest resources is the Chipola River. The Chipola River originates in south Alabama and runs about 93 miles through Jackson County, Calhoun County and into Gulf County where it flows in to the Apalachicola. The most notable characteristic of the river is its numerous springs that feed it. There are 63 fresh water springs that feed the Chipola, including one magnitude 1 spring and 3 magnitudes 2 springs.

The most popular of the springs is the Jackson Blue Springs. It is the main water contributor of all the springs to the Chipola and is the main source that produces the Mill Pond.

The Chipola offers several other unusual characteristics such as it goes under ground for about 200 yards in the Florida Caverns Park, cave formations known as the ovens, and two sets of rapids know as "Look and Tremble" and "Little Look and Tremble".

The Chipola is also famous for its canoe/ paddling trail with eight access points. A person can spend just hours on the river or camp over night for a true adventure. While on this trip you can enjoy numerous swimming spots, fishing, and abundant wild life. Bear Paw River Adventures is a local business that provides everything needed for a day trip on tubes, canoes and kayaks on the river.

In Jackson County there are four public boat ramps on the Chipola, listed north to south they are Christophe's Landing, Yantzee Bridge Landing, Magnolia Bridge Landing, and Peacock Bridge Landing. There are several other access points where a person can launch a kayak or canoe such as the Mill Pond Spill Way, Turners Landing, and the Hinson Conservation Area.

Residents of Jackson County are fortunate to have such a beautiful natural resource as the Chipola River that offers hunting, fishing, camping, biking, hiking, and wild life. It is beautiful and unique.

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