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The Apalachicola River, Lake Seminole and the Jim Woodruff Dam

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The Apalachicola River is the largest river in the state of Florida and starts in north Georgia in the Appalachian Mountains and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. It boasts the most diversified wild life population in the state and offers some of the best hunting and fishing and boating recreation in the area. The Apalachee has 16 hydro electric dams on it creating wonderful lakes and electricity. The last of these dams is the Jim Woodruff dam that creates Lake Seminole.

The Jim Woodruff Dam was built in the 1950s and when the flood gates dropped it flooded over 37, 000 to create Lake Seminole. The dam is over a mile long, eighty feet wide and over 80 feet high and the water at the dam is about fifty feet deep. The dam is well known in the area for great fishing of highbred and striper bass.

Lake Seminole is truly one of Jackson County's gems. There are numerous access points on to the lake and visitors are guaranteed to see an abundant and varied population of wild life ranging from alligators to ospreys. It offers some of the best big mouth bass fishing in the country and is host to several fishing tournaments.

Three Rivers State Park is located just north of Sneads, Florida and offers nice amenities including, camping, fishing, hiking, water sports and has a great view of the lake.

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